COVID-19: A tale of two conspiracy theories

In the marketplace of ideas, truth doesn't sell, because most people are idiots.

The Alt-Right loses in part because of an inability to police its stupid fringe.

For example, this conspiracy theory is a lie:

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funds The Pirbright Institute, patent owners of Coronavirus. Gates' Foundation was directly involved in “Event 201,” a “Global Pandemic Exercise,” simulating a global Coronavirus pandemic that starts off in Wuhan, and the simulation happened Oct 18-27 in Wuhan.
1 day ago by magnora7 to /s/Collusion from self.Collusion

As of [2020-03-20 Fri 17:03]  HKT, it has 43 "interesting" upvotes on Saidit. I did a little web searching and determined that the links did not support the claims. E.g., "that starts off in Wuhan" is false. The patented coronavirus is unrelated to COVID-19. Etc. It is a transparent falsehood that has nonetheless gained major traction and failed to be adequately rebutted in the comments.

Meanwhile, this conspiracy theory is likely correct, but only has 6 "interesting" upvotes:

Coronavirus Coverup: The "Mysterious" US Vaping Illness With Exactly The Same Symptoms As COVID-19.
14 hours ago by shroudisacheat to /s/conspiracy from youtube.com

Both governments involved are likely to have missed the early stages of the outbreak, and they and international bodies such as the WHO are incentivized to obfuscate this failure.

It's fine to speculate broadly. That is necessary to build a sufficient range of scenarios. Truth is often stranger than fiction. But then one must ruthlessly cull faulty theories until only the truth remains. "Yes, and" feels good; "no, but" maintains sanity.

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