Contrasting AC's nutty community to Altrugenics, and how I solved with Cyborganize

I wrote this when I was angered by many insults hurled from AC's commenters. They've since mellowed, except the stupidest, and so have I.

However, it is what it is. Unkind truths are necessary.

I'm sure there are plenty who like me read AC for the useful link roundup and ignore the inane paranoia. But his comment section is dominated by TIPS-Stasi fools.

You know, I had inadvertently built a community like that, attractive to misinformed brainwashed losers, with my woo-exploration persona Koanic Soul. But I wanted to accomplish something more than just to pass around the crackpot crackpipe. That way can work, as eventually truth would percolate outwards while errors would die with me, but it's far too slow to preserve the Aryan race against her adaptive Satanic foe. That's why I tore everything down and started over from a foundation of git forge and Cyborganize, to raise the ambient IQ.

It's going well, growing steadily through the obscurity phase, and I'm actually proud that my work is free of fundamental error and profound harm. Building on sand is Sisyphean, as AC finds no matter how many books he publishes. And the rubble from the wreckage buries the good. When I see where a Wordpress foundation terminates, I shudder and thank God.

The primary inhibiting factor on Cyborganize's growth is that I neglected to teach Rapid Iterative Inductive Tree Refiling, which I invented to counter brain fog many years ago when I was extremely ill, and subsequently took for granted. The alpha adopter community helped me discover that gap. Fixing it will be my next step. Meanwhile Littlebook, my humanities persona, will get a big boost off accurate prediction of Trump's inauguration counter-coup. Many fools who fell out of my Koanic Soul orbit deny Q, and I've been suppressing their doomerism. I'll also pick up a nice boost here when there's not a single peep in all the DECLASS about TIPS-Stasi. Some of you will continue to insist on your counter-factual heroic narrative, of course, as lunatics do.

To be clear, AC's commenter community is insane and pathetic. They are so starved for nonexistent confirmation of the TIPS-Stasi thesis that they latch onto the first disrespectful critic, the only one who bothers twice, as proof at last that TPTB have dispatched a shill to oppose them. Never mind that this supposed shill has been an independent Alt-Right figure for years, long before AC dreamed of TIPS-Stasi, without once suffering fools or caring for popularity. I could have easily built Altrugenics into a lucrative scam selling affirmation to alienated Aryans, but I refuse to tolerate fools or exploit the weak even if they're eager to pay for the privilege.

While it seems plausible to me that a shill would bother with AC's site, he would only need to agree and amplify the lunacy already present to discredit it and convince its followers to freeze in inaction out of fear of ubiquitous surveillance. As I said, pathetic. Vox's community, for all its flaws, is vastly superior because they take action. Even the despairing Q deniers take more action than you, you nutty window-shade peekers.

What actions are relevant? Everything from entering local politics, to hunting local pedophiles, to WWW redpilling, to racist churches and fecund Aryan homesteads, to self-improvement, to Sovereign Man geo-arbitrage. Everything the Prog Cabal hates and fears. Everything that brings the Aryan race closer to the stars.

I am minimally concerned about Prog Cabal surveillance. They should fear my surveillance, because Cyborganize never forgets and always executes. I am working to raise a legion of ruthless deception-piercing cyborg inquisitors. I expect their cold inhuman minds to extinguish traitorous bloodlines.

What will you do for the cause?

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