Condemning Boomers: [Study] “Estimating Ethnic Genetic Interests: Is It Adaptive to Resist Replacement Migration?” by Frank Salter

[Study] “Estimating Ethnic Genetic Interests: Is It Adaptive to Resist Replacement Migration?” by Frank Salter [Full paper]​

The number of children lost due to the immigration of 10,000 Danes is therefore 42/0.2516 167 children (or siblings). This is a large family indeed. Repeating the scenario with Bantu immigrants, the loss to a random Englishman’s genetic interests of replacement of 10,000 English is 10,854 children (or siblings)

For a native woman it is equivalent to the loss of her children and grandchildren, for a native man it is equivalent to the loss of his children and grandchildren, though on a much larger scale.

If 12.5 million Danes and similar peoples moved to England, the genetic loss to the remaining English would be the equivalent of 209,000 children. The corresponding loss due to the same number of immigrants from India would be 2.6 million children, and due to Bantus over 13 million children.

The genetic distance between English and Bantu is so great that, on the face of it, competition between them would make within-group altruism among random English (or among random Bantu) almost as adaptive as parent-child altruism, if the altruism were in the service of that competition. Thus it would appear to be more adaptive for an Englishman to risk life or property resisting the immigration of two Bantu immigrants to England than his taking the same risk to rescue one of his own children from drowning

Race trumps family, QED. This is why patriotic men leave their families to die in territory wars. Cowards, of course, do not, and traitors do worse.

Boomers can't even be compared to rats, because rats have the common sense to avoid extinction. The only animal Boomers can be compared to without insulting animals is the Dodo bird. It is still an insult, because Dodos are just stupid, not evil traitors.

Boomers are the worst, stupidest, most evil American generation, and it's not even close. They will always enjoy that distinction, because after them "American" ceases to have any meaning.

US % White Population: 1800 to 2020

Worms, lice and bacteria perpetuate themselves. Boomers risk nuclear war to avoid being called racist. Those who cannot responsibly handle weapons must be enslaved by those who can. It is ironic that their overwrought hysteria over slavery long past proves its necessity now. And slaves they are, to the Fed and the Welfare State!

There is no way for whites to live safely around Boomers, just as there is no way for chickens to live safely around Dodo birds. The predators who multiply and fatten on them will devour anything in the vicinity. One can only run to an area unlikely to get nuked or subverted by their insane empire of sodomy, and good luck finding one. God cannot erase them from the face of the Earth soon enough.

In the end, all their gay do-gooding will accomplish is to blunderingly precipitate a slaughter of North American non-whites 10x greater than the original genocide of the Indians. Thus proving that a nice idiot with an inheritance is far more dangerous than any of the Injun-killing bear-eating frontiersmen who cleared this continent.

Generations in Anglo-American History

As for the second worst, that would be the Lost generation, who made the world safe for Communism in WW2. Before that, the Transcendentals are responsible for the Civil War. Stiff competition, but no contest! The human race may not survive the Boomers yet.

I don't think any animal has ever had one species so incompetent it wiped out the other members of its genus along with itself, so that will be a biological first.

(genus: a group of related species. Humans are genus Homo. The "races" of Homo sapiens sapiens are actually species, who can only all interbreed because the last of those sexually incompatible were recently wiped out by white seafarers – the natives of Madagascar and the western half of Australia. Next to go will be the Pygmies and Bushmen, now that the Bantu have iron weapons and can finish the job. Unless Aryans decide to permanently end Jewish subversion first.)

Oh how the kindhearted Communist recoils from Nature, red in tooth and claw! Best to kill him quickly, so that he may reside in the comfort of the spirit realm – freed from the moral quandaries of rude flesh and bone! Surely Heaven will accept those who create Hell on Earth? Their intentions, after all, were to the Good.

Anyone who believes the races should be mixed, outside the borders where they naturally meet, let him swap his own wife and children for genetically unrelated people. We shall observe the results, and learn. Care to examine the statistics on stepfather molestation and murder, for example? It's all very educational, but some people prefer to learn hands-on – and they shall.

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