Clot shot ADE smoking gun | why DoD AI's numbers spell ADE doom | (since OP couldn't crack the case)


Mike Adams does an OK job of exploding the MSM myths, but Big Pharma has a ready reply contextualizing vaccine effectiveness decline, shilling more boosters as the solution. Adams asserts ADE but isn't competent to prove it. That task thus falls to me. I'll rely on the much higher-quality DoD report, and ignore Mike's midwit interpretation.


Slide: Is mRNA Vaccine Effectiveness Against Delta Breakthrough Infection Waning Over Time in 65 Years and Older Salus Cohort?


Breakthrough infection rates 5-6 months post vaccination are twice as high as 3-4 months post vaccination

The MSM is quick to point out that other vaccines, such as the flu vaccine, lose effectiveness quickly. A good reason not to take flu vaccines. However, I grant the point: One cannot yet conclude that this rapid decline is proof of ADE.

Fortunately, one can prove it another way. There is ample evidence of efforts to suppress "breakthrough case" reporting and severity while boosting unvaccinated case reports. For example, unvaccinated patients are given Remdesvir and ventilator, both with lethal side effects, alone or together with COVID19. Big Pharma exerts all its considerable influence to keep the crucial COVID19 cash flowing, with eager Democrat assistance.

Yet even with the stat juking, crooked dating and the inclusion of the recently-vaccinated, COVID19 Delta rates for the vaccinated approach those of the unvaccinated!

This DESPITE that the conscientious tend to vaccinate and in general have better health, whereas the poor and stupid do not, which disproportionately includes non-Asian minorities minorities, who are disproportionately vulnerable to COVID19.

Thus we can SAFELY CONCLUDE that the clot shot is already doing more harm than good, and will only get worse. This is true even of COVID19 infections, the one thing the vaccine supposedly protects against. Which means ADE. So we have our answer to the mysterious rise in all-cause mortality.

Short of the normally-required RCTs Big Pharma conveniently canceled in the name of "ethics", we can't ask for a better early warning than this. DoD AI is as good as it gets.

If you were too stupid to follow any of that, don't worry: Just listen to Fauci and remove yourself from the gene pool. He's smart and trustworthy, because he has white hair and wears spectacles on TV. Also he supervised the transformation of AIDS into a multi-billion dollar per year success story for Big Pharma, which makes him a HERO, unless you're some kind of anti-science bigot. So grab a towel and hit the showers. No gas, I pinky swear!

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