Christian martyr John Dark Light's whistleblower testimony reveals USA is Sodom and Gomorrah

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  1. Tortured Christian whistleblower
  2. Cuckservative fruit
  3. A Final Solution
  4. kikel
  5. Churchian Boomers

Tortured Christian whistleblower

BOMBSHELL: Lin Wood Leaks Whistleblower Transcripts Exposing VP Pence

As the testimony of horrifically-tortured high-IQ Christian Aryan whistleblower John Dark Light proves, the USA is Sodom and Gomorrah times Babylon. I am glad that I left the USA when I sensed I had been lied to about race, rather than stay and suffer for my conservative naivete as this man did.

Cuckservative fruit

This evil is the fruit of churchian cuckservative tolerance, and it dates back to Civil War Abolitionists. They are even more ruthless kinslayers today, hurling the charge of "Nazi" instead of "Confederate."

The USA is Sodom and Gomorrah because of cuckservative churchians.

Cuckservative churchians tolerate NPR Jewnitarian Democrat crypto-Communist Progressives, which means the centrist ruling elite consists of men such as those mentioned in this whistleblower testimony:

  • Paul Ryan: Catholic cuckservative
  • Mike Pence: bisexual RINO
  • Rod Rosenstein: kike RINO

These corrupt members of the Outer Party gain power via collaboration with the ruthless amoral ruling Inner Party of anti-Christ.

A Final Solution

The only solution is to exterminate the churchian cuckservative like Jabesh Gilead, like the honorless vermin they are. Either Aryan America purges her traitors, or the Communists, kikes, niggers, spics, Han and Russians complete the ethnic cleansing of Aryan America.

There is no solution in which cuckservative churchians cease to dwell in Sodom and Gomorrah, because they will always tolerate evil. Therefore the USA must be dissolved into the chaos of genocidal ethnic cleansing, to replace cuckservative churchians with the flint-eyed fascists found in the Old Testament, and everywhere else healthy patriarchy flourishes.

Thank God that He is destroying the cuckservative, for such pusillanimy must not be permitted to live. Whether the fascists who rule North America will be Mexican, Chinese or Aryan remains to be determined, but the cuck shall not inherit a peaceful retirement, much less the Earth.

Let's hope that the families of the men who have shown they are salt without saltiness are also exterminated, so that their worthless genes no longer weaken the Aryan gene pool. Otherwise cowards will multiply by shirking dangerous duty, until our race falls to Han or Hun.



The Yiddish derogative "Kike" is the correct term for those who drew a circle rather than an X at Ellis Island because they so hated the cross and Christ. Per Jesus Christ, the Synagogue of Satan are not Jews. The inbred Ashkenazim are a race genetically and memetically defined by hundreds of years of hatred for Christ and Aryans. Ashkenazim who lack this hatred reassimilate into the Aryan race, just as mutts reassimilate into the dog gene pool. Of course, they tend to retain their traitorous sympathies.

Breeding people to reject Christ is no different than breeding dogs to herd sheep or hunt vermin. Kikes are therefore the Chosen People of Satan. Aside from the Karaites whom they slaughtered, their only relationship with the Torah is to invert it with the Talmud, Marx, Friedan etc.

The success of the kike plan to destroy the USA is now inevitable.

Churchian Boomers

The New Testament is only pacifist because the Roman Empire was supplying the fascism necessary for stability. Weaklings never prosper in the Old Testament. Neither tolerance nor democracy are Biblical. A fake religion halfway between the Bible and crypto-Communist bio-Leninist NPR Jewnitarianism only gets you all the way to Hell.

He who can't be bothered to hold America can't be trusted to hold Heaven. The Bible vividly and repeatedly depicts such people as non-recyclable garbage. Needless to say, the generation that complacently presided over the loss of half of America to foreign races is garbage.

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