China is lying to frame USA for COVID19

This article by a transparent shill indicates that China is doubling down on the USA COVID19 origin theory.

It would be a huge coincidence that a USA virus was released next to China's only BSL-4 lab. The improbability is mitigated somewhat by the deliberate spread theory, because the decisionmaker would choose Wuhan for plausible deniability. But deliberate spread by the USG or a faction thereof isn't plausible anyway.

Here's my take:

The US vaping deaths really were vaping deaths. Vaping is exploding and bootleg refilled cartridges caused the casualties. That's to be expected.

The "very strange pneumonia" seen in Northern Lombardy in November-December was COVID19 brought by the Chinese migrant workers concentrated there. So now we know that COVID19 was released on or before November 2019.

China blames the USA. The chain of transmission is Fort Detrick to US troops training nearby to Wuhan's Oriental Hotel to the seafood market.

Fort Detrick was a BSL-4 lab handling viruses such as Ebola. The CDC sent a cease and desist order in July 2019. Fort Detrick is back open now and working on COVID19.

The problem with the CCP's theory is it means either:

  1. Trump knew COVID19 was from the USA and kept blaming China anyway
  2. Trump doesn't know COVID19 is from the USA, and a Cabal or CYA conspiracy has hoodwinked him

Neither of those is plausible. Here's a very plausible alternative explanation:

  1. The CCP took over the Wuhan crisis response
  2. The CCP understood that mishandling this crisis created popular unrest that threatens its legitimacy
  3. Whenever the CCP's legitimacy is threatened, it externalizes popular anger by focusing it on international rivals such as Japan and the USA
  4. The CCP directed that chain of transmission be found to link back to US troops conveniently nearby in that timeframe

The murkiness of the initial outbreak period means that China can manipulate ultimate blame. I doubt China will permit international investigators to look for earlier cases. China has engaged in selective cause of death classification shenanigans for respiratory illnesses on a massive scale for years, and continues to do so as it tries to convince the world that it has beaten COVID19. Liars don't always lie, but their words should be given no weight.

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