CCP's COVID19: unrestricted biowarfare on the world | Gnews series

Gnews finished its 6-part series on how the CCP deliberately released COVID19 from Wuhan.

It was supposed to be dispersed worldwide, especially to the USA, by the contestants of the Wuhan military games. HCQ was supposed to suppress the virus in the 5 US competitors sick with "malaria" until they returned. However, the CCP fumbled the virus containment despite drills immediately beforehand, and COVID19 spread like wildfire in cold polluted Wuhan among unhygienic Mainlanders, making it clear the virus originated from China's only BSL-4 lab. So instead of the world's savior, China became the world's villain.

So yes, the CCP waged deliberate biowarfare on everyone but Russia, who may have gotten advance warning and an HCQ shipment.

The CCP has been building up to this for a long time. Other viruses out of China were also engineered. Their grudge goes back to fictitious Soviet propaganda about US biological weapons attacks against China during the Korean War! China is nuts.

Anyway, it's Pearl Harbor all over again. What is with East Asians and going off half-cocked?!

I may get kicked out of China for saying this, but the world must know. Nobody can get away with something like this.

You should read the whole the Gnews series. Only part 6 has links to the whole series, so here are the links to each part:

Uncovering CCP’s Scheme to Launch Biological Warfare on the World: Part 1 2 3 4 5 6

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