CCP "Unrestricted Warfare" against USA makes Russians look patient and wise

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  1. Pushing passive aggression too far killed the golden goose
  2. Short-sighted Chinese cutthroats?
  3. Russians more circumspect!

Pushing passive aggression too far killed the golden goose

VD is very impressed by the CCP strategy book, "Unrestricted Warfare," that describes the CCP's infiltration and subversion of the USA. I disagree, and feel they've been too clever by half.

VD> Keep in mind this was all laid out by a pair of Chinese army strategists more than 20 years ago.

Sounds like those fools couldn't wait for LGDL SFTII to make China a superpower.

Brilliant yes, strategists no. They're operationalists. An imperial dynasty's strategist would've recognized that China should play nice and above all avoid making the American frog jump out of his miscegenatory boiling pot, while China catches up to the per capita GDP of South Korea, Japan, Taiwan etc.

The Chinese are supposed to be patient strategists, yet they broke the cardinal rule: Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. All they had to do was wait for the USA to miscegenate, and not prompt the frog to jump out of the pot. But they couldn't manage that much. Fools! Too busy cleverly winning battles, they lost sight of the war. Now the CCP is at risk, with a small chance of imperial breakup.

They didn't even need to encourage US immigration, since that was already overheating. The CCP merely needed to play nice and not alarm the USA into a K-selected xenophobic aggressive response. Give the American addict his opiates whenever he wants them, but never compel him, lest he reach for his gun instead while high on coke.

Short-sighted Chinese cutthroats?

Instead, blinded by spectacular short-term gains, China did something profoundly foolish and unnecessary that risks a grueling premature conflict with a superpower that will impede economic growth and risks China's worst-case scenario: civil war and foreign domination.

I guess the Communist crucible created cutthroat bureaucrat corrupters, not century strategists. Left-singularity survivors don't think like imperial dynasties.

I suppose surviving a Left Singularity such as Mao's breeds short to middle-term ruthlessness, because individual survival to the long term is victory enough. Genuinely prioritizing long-term collective interest is suicidal.

Still, how could the Chinese make the same mistake as Japan, and wake the sleeping giant? At least Japan had the excuse of plausible ignorance regarding the value of IQ, and a severe natural resource shortage made critical by US embargo. China's only similar excuse is precarious domestic debt load, which is entirely her own fault.

Russians more circumspect!

The Russians, of all people, seem to understand the importance of playing nice — or nice enough not to provoke a regime change. But it took the prostration of the horrible post-Communist hangover to teach them that.

I guess it's China's turn to learn their foreign-policy limits. This overreach could wind up costing them North America and Australia.

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