Boomers can't handle aliens, so demons devour hybrid children in the dark

The Boomer mind literally cannot handle alien (supernatural) encounters.

Yes, they are all "supernatural". That is how they get here. FTL travel is impossible by conventional means.

That is why the US government lies to you about it. They know you are cowards. The Russian government doesn't have to lie, because Russians are not cowards.

You should think long and hard about the consequences of your cowardice and willful ignorance. Your weakness allows unimaginable evil to flourish in the shadows.

The price of your peace of mind is paid by the torture of children by literal demons. All part of the food chain. Prey is on the bottom, always.


Airman Charles Hall's autobiographical account of encounters with a Negative alien species called the "Tall Whites" demonstrates the spectrum of Boomer cowardice and courage. This species is an Nordic-insectoid hybrid, with large eyes, thin limbs and little hair. They are about as friendly as Negative 3rd-4thD insectoids get. Their technology and spiritual abilities are comparatively weak but otherwise typical.

Panicky, frail and erratically vindictive, the Tall Whites could not integrate into human society until psychic communion with Charles Hall showed them how. It was an ordeal that saw many "weather observers" wounded or dead, until finally a hero emerged.

The government's goal was acquisition of alien technology. The aliens needed a base of operations, supplies and industrial support.

However, the aliens' paranoia and controllingness caused them to forbid the USG to classify or restrict airman Charles Hall in any way, with regard to their interactions. This leaves him in the unique position of being able to tell his story to the public.

Open First Contact is a complex diplomatic and legal event. Until then, Cosmic Law and local treaty forbids aliens from revealing their nature, presence and technology to the public.

The question is, how many sheeple can believe a brave man's tale? A coward cannot believe a brave man, for the same reason a liar cannot believe an honest man.

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