Boar-bonobo hybrid theory | Genesis reconciled

Adam wasn't the boar-bonobo hybrid. That was a female in order to backbreed with bonobos, and it looked horrific. Lengthy natural hominid evolution followed, with multiple further hybridization events with other great apes or hominids giving rise to distinct races.

The trees/animals in the Garden of Eden represented nations of primitives/Neanderthals, except the Serpent people, who were more advanced, and had heavenly influence. Adam was a mix of Neanderthal mud and God's DNA. He had fully modern faculties, and more. He was allowed to interbreed with and uplift the other Neanderthal races except the serpent race.

Thanks to Y-chromosomal conquest, one needn't be the first to be the father of all, and "all" is a flexible term in the Bible, and the non-Adamic peoples arguably weren't considered human, but "beasts of the field".

Noah's Flood possibly describes the destruction of megalithic Atlantean global melonhead civilization via glacial melt.

Modern anthropology's gene dating is wrong because it assumes microevolution only, not hybrid events. 7-day Creationism is wrong because allegorical language in the Bible is used for both prediction and retrodiction, with consistent symbolism.

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