Bigger pattern behind Obama's fake family

Objection:  Obama's kids look like their nominal parents.

The Obamas and the Nesbitts look like each other.  Similar-looking people often become friends, because the face develops from the neural crest, which also forms the prefrontal cortex, seat of personality.  As lobotomists knew, the eyes are the window to the soul.


Within the similarity of the first friends, Malia and Sasha clearly have Nesbitt features, not Obama ones.

Joan Rivers : Obama Is Gay, Michelle Is Transgender

Obama's handlers were killing his snitch gay lovers in Chicago long before Joan died for letting the cat out of the bag.  Just like Arkancide.  Grooming presidential candidates is big business.  It decides who controls the world.

Larry Sinclair

Of course, Democrats wouldn't dare such an audacious deception if it wasn't already a proven model.  Bill and Hillary's marriage was always a sham.

Chelsea Clinton is the daughter of Hillary Clinton and Web Hubbell.


Bill Clinton is nearly sterile, except for this lucky shot:


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