Beginning Discyborg: Learn your ABCs and R3s

The first stage of Discyborg is to learn your ABCS and your R3s. No, I don't mean the alphabet and Reading, 'Riting and 'Rithmatic. You learned that in grade school. I'm talking about the foundation of your ethos and worldview, the crystalline kernel from which your wisdom will grow:

  1. Audio Bible Chapter Shuffle
  2. Rare Reasoning Rules

ABCS enables embodiment of the Biblical ethos, imitation of the Logos. But why R3?

Because the Bible is an advanced text, possibly the most advanced text. Until now, almost every Bible student became like the blind man and the elephant - stuck on parts and missing the whole.

By testing one's reading comprehension of diverse kinds of advanced texts, R3 corrects lazy stupid mental shortcuts that cause dogmatic and false interpretations. All the small, error-based, easy misreadings occlude the difficult grand synthesis. The human mind is hopelessly lazy and will always take the shortest route to a conclusion. So the only way to prevent this tendency is to have it beaten out of you by ruthlessly-hard standardized tests.

God rewards those who go softly before him, as Ahab did when he was rebuked for Naboth. Take your beatings first from the test, and then you will read meekly in the presence of the sublime. The fool rushes in where angels fear to tread.

What other explanation for the massive diversity of theological belief among Christians can there be, except that people do not in fact learn how to read? Literacy is a gradient, not a binary. Accurate self estimation is more important than perfection, that one may know when to insist and when to doubt. The fool believes his reasoning to be self-evident, without evidence that he himself can reason well.

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