Baby-murdering Boomers

Vladimir Putin: The New World Order Worships Satan | pravoslavie.ru

Putin Finds Mass Grave of Child Trafficking Victims | RRN

Your tax dollars at work, Boomers!

Satanists always sacrifice children because innocent souls taste best to their dark masters.

Russia bleeds to stop it. Fortunately someone is willing to die for the children. Abortion clinics in every state prove American men aren't.

Ukraine is the true Ashkenazi Cabal capital and ancestral homeland, run by Soros and Victoria Nuland, via sodomite shill Zelensky.

This is the kind of abomination that prompts fallen angels to reset humanity with another cataclysm. Putin is the only thing holding them back. There are plenty of others who want humanity culled by 90%, and they have good arguments. The Rakshasas*, of course, would prefer the feast of infant flesh continue indefinitely.

Boomers change the channel. Fox or CNN? Doesn't matter.

Speaking of Hollywood:

It is a common practice for a brood mother to carry her fetus to 3 months, whereupon it is extracted for ritual consumption. The pregnant mother is radiant during this period, which is exploitable for celebrity charisma. To ensure good chemistry between romantic lead characters, actors in Cabal Hollywood films make a baby together. The actress carries the baby for the first trimester, whereupon it is sacrificed. Normal IVF surrogacy is used to create the child resulting from the film, who is raised by the surrogate. This sounds convoluted, but sacrificing the firstborn is an ancient occult ritual useful for improving the odds of a blockbuster release. The blush of honeymooning lovers cannot be faked. One can speculate whether the actress is told about the sacrifice and swap, or simply believes that the embryo has been transferred.

Cabalist Breeding Program – Is Brad Pitt the Son of Robert Redford? | Henry Makow

"It wasn't our fault!" the enablers cry. Nobody believes them. They voted, they stayed, they paid!

*Not all Rakshasas are like that.

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