Aryan beauty is skin-tone flexible

Nyakim Gatwech model with the darkest skin in the world. Just stunning!!!

Interesting that Reddit picked the model with darkest skin... yet quite Aryan features, particularly from the depicted angle. Sudan is next to the Middle East. Darkest skin doesn't mean largest percentage of sub-Saharan DNA. This photo doesn't look much different than a typical Western European model with some Photoshop tint.

Western Europeans can achieve quite dark skin coloration by living a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, via tanning or decorative means. So it's unsurprising their standards of beauty would embrace darker skin tones, but reject facial variation.

Natives were reported as being darker of skin because they went naked most of the year and also lived in very smoky houses, which literally turned them light brown. [I have seen this happen to extremely heavy tobacco users.] This was done to ward off mosquitoes to a great extent in Virginia and later, in 1800s Virginia, would be used as a torture for runaway negroes and a way of tanning white kidnapping victims “to pass for a negro.” This was called “Virginia fair play.” However, for the most part, Indians were the color they painted themselves.


Paleness as a beauty standard comes from agricultural societies, in which high status women can afford to avoid the sun. Lafond's writings on skin tone are fascinating. Try site-searching him for French peasant.

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