Aryan Americans are too stupid to live -- Boomers are broadcast TV antenna-boom brains with static eyes and laugh-track lies


The same thing happened in the USA. The reason you took an experimental vaccine instead of HCQ was so that Big Pharma could make $100 off your corpse and the Communist Great Reset could make your civil liberties conditional on compliance.

He who trusts the institutions of a post-Christian society run by Communist Cultural Revolutionaries, deserves his death.

Communists gave up on starting a "Workers Unite" Marxist revolution in the West a long time ago. They realized they had to subvert the Aryan race first. Aryan Americans, being fools, still haven't caught on.


Aryan Americans have yet to realize that they should preserve their race, because they are too stupid to live, because they get their news from Jews, because they ignored the New Testament, and the entire history of Judeo-Christian interaction since.

What do you call a Jew who doesn't hate Christians and white people? Gentile in two generations. What do you call a Jew with political power over gentiles? Komrade.

"A Jew will say he was beaten, but will never say for what."

But why quibble? Boomer Americans still haven't noticed that the sub-Saharans, who never invented the wheel, have a lower IQ than anyone except Australian Aboriginals. The TV told them it was rude to say "nigger", and no number of black-on-white rapes will ever change what idly passes for their minds.

They say that human knowledge advances by the death of the elder generation. The transition from the TV generation to the Internet generation will be the greatest advance in human knowledge since Gutenberg's printing press set Europe aflame with holy war.

Who knew that "Boomer" actually stands for the ugly mind-control antenna booms atop all their houses, that children of another race will inherit? It's the real-life version of Plato's Cave. There's nothing behind their eyes but static and a laugh track.

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