Are we there yet? NO

Aeoli's circumspection on Q didn't last long:

>make your worst enemy your VP for 4 years
>plan on him to triple-cross your fraud narrative on national TV at a critical moment
>[inanities redacted]

That was The Plan, right?

My reply:

> have no clue
> quote nothing from Q
> mock The Plan anyway

Anyone can Google the nomination and discover that Pence was forced on Trump.  Digging a little deeper:


The only thing Qiuliani said about Pence is that if he or Pelosi scrambles, it's go-time for the military counter-coup.


The commenters in that thread are able to draw the correct conclusion about Pence's allegiances.  Pence's treason proves that the evangelical Christians who thought themselves too good for Trump were never going to accomplish anything but perpetuating the global evil they've enabled for so long.

As for next steps, the obscure site known as YouTube reveals this mystery, without even the benefit of knowing the day's outcome:

WATCH This BEFORE January 6th | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 100
1,049,554 views•Jan 5, 2021

You know those annoying kids who whine "Are we there yet," from the back seat?

Are We There Yet? | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Let's play a game to pass the time.  I spy with my little eye… a General McInerny.  Wowww!

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