Zman's traitorously timely abandonment of the Republican Party

Zman has advised the Alt-Right to abandon the Republican Party.


I explained to him that the USA has a 2-party system. It didn't work.


The timing of Zman's abandonment is suspicious, given that the Democrats are currently spending every resource and asset to prevent the coronation of the God Emperor as Princeps with wartime powers to restore the Constitution like Sulla on Marius. I doubt bribing an Alt-Right blogger costs much, compared to how much Soros has already sunk into Biden.

That's been tried for decades now and has not worked.

False. The Alt-Right tried to elect Trump to fight immigration, and it worked.

Trump Cuts Legal Immigrants By Half And He’s Not Done Yet

The change in momentum is powerful, as populists gain a taste of power and anti-immigration is proven popular and successful, not taboo loser redneckism against the arc of history.

Repeating the same thing over and over expecting a new result is just escapism.

No, doomed third party runs in a two-party system are escapism. They have only two purposes:

  1. Divide the enemy's party.
  2. Form a new party around a super-popular independent.

The only person who can realistically do #2 is Trump. Nobody on the Alt-Right can. Nobody on the Alt-Right deserves it. You fools are busy with nonsense such as denying the existence of COVID19 and the utility of masks in an epidemic.

The GOP will not stop stabbing you in the face if you keep rewarding them for stabbing you in the face.

What part of "primary" did you not understand? Trump is living proof that the will of the party elders can be overridden, and that they hate it.

They've had enough chances. Time to move on and just walk away.

Ok Moveon.org. How much are they paying you to say that now?

To be clear, the only time the Alt-Right should be part of the Republican party is when voting against Democrats.

The rest of the time, we should have our own party(s) and tell the Alt-Lites, RINOs et al to move to Mexico or Canada.

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