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  1. Are you a CCP shill?
    1. CCP propaganda patterns
    2. Get off the X
    3. De facto freedom beats de jure
    4. But doesn't the Cabal rule the CCP?
  2. Smacking Sacrificial Lamb
  3. No you're a Communist

Are you a CCP shill?

Several of the fools frequenting Anonymous Conservative's comment section have called me a CCP shill. These accusations are both casually stupid and profoundly ignorant.

Before I forget: No, I am not a CCP shill. If I have a glaring financial conflict of interest, I disclose it.

CCP propaganda patterns

The accusations are largely based on the fact that I live in China. Which doesn't make sense. Why would the CCP buy me to propagandize Americans when it can (and already has) bought MSM journalists living in the USA to do that? If the CCP were to buy me for propaganda, it would be to propagandize Chinese citizens. I could be a dancing white monkey on Chinese state television, to stroke viewer egos or apologize for Western imperialism or whatever ham-fisted message du jour.

The CCP buys MSM journalists and politicians, who are useful because they live in the West. MSM journalists who cover China from within China must be extremely circumspect or get expelled, but they are usually there to subvert China with Western Progressivism. I am not circumspect, don't cover China, and am a mere obscure English language blogger.

I don't cover China because my Mandarin reading level is too poor to do so competently.

There are some Aryan CCP shills in the China expat community. Like all CCP propaganda, theirs is hamfisted and obvious. It's usually nothing nefarious; they simply stay relentlessly positive about China and especially the CCP. The best adjectives would be smarmy, goofy and lame; sometimes blatantly hypocritical and specious.

Mainlanders have a well-known "glass heart", meaning they are incapable of distinguishing criticism of group or government from a personal insult. People such as Serpentza who actually make their living off of YT videos about China try to avoid breaking these glass hearts to preserve their livelihood. Probably there are some such honest Aryans who avoid the wumao mob out of obscurity or circumspect topic selection. However, Serpentza et al have been driven from China for crossing the line, and this isn't unusual.

The criticisms I've made of Xi are well beyond the pale, and could be grounds for my expulsion to China. The difference is that I'm not making popular YouTube videos, or writing in fora the CCP cares about. The CCP's English-speaking resources are limited and focused on countering real threats. I have no interest in overthrowing the CCP, supporting dumbocracy or restricting its territorial zone of influence. As far as I am concerned, China has a place in space colonization alongside Russia and Aryas. Sid Meier Alpha Centauri, anyone?

Ah, now I see the central conceit: That the CCP knows or cares about the fora I comment at. It flatters my critics to think so, whereas the reality does not. The CCP probably should care about those fora, but it doesn't, because the CCP is bad at propagandizing Westerners. Their idea of clever influence is to pay the Jews to handle it.

(Maybe the CCP is aware of Vox Populi. Are they sending shills there? If so, I doubt the wumaos get far.)

Get off the X

When you're in a beaten zone, with bullets whizzing into the dirt, move.

The CCP is naturally selected to effectively suppress Chinese dissidents. The USG is naturally selected to suppress American dissidents. Like the penguin, I go where my predators aren't. The Chinese government is more likely to ask me to teach them English than to object to my thoughtcrimes.

If I had actual CCP handlers reading what I write, then I would seriously consider leaving China, because I assume they would begin the process of throwing me out, which it is better to preempt.

That hasn't happened yet, because I came to China for precisely this reason: So that the government wouldn't care what I wrote in English. I doubt any Western European nation would've been so tolerant, except perhaps Iceland.

I am more likely to be expelled from China due to a general purge of US citizens over intensified conflict between the USA and Xi. That goes with a risk of catching a brick to the head in an anti-foreigner riot. I'm not happy about it, but I can't blame Trump, given how Xi played COVID19.

It's amusing that people who complain of FBI harassment of right-wing dissidents cannot grasp that de-facto liberty is better than de-jure. Chinese cops don't hassle me over bullshit, and I appreciate that.

I'd rather be a second-class guest than a last-class tax serf.

De facto freedom beats de jure

When you burn the paper your rights are written on, there's nothing left but ash, because that is what you are. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Only one right is universal to man: painful eventual death. That is why the Bible doesn't name any rights. Remember that when you wonder why you have been ruled by demonic blackmail cults for lo these many years: Your rights are dust.

Asked once how far Sparta's boundaries stretched, Agesilaus brandished his spear and said, "As far as this can reach."

Will any of your rights stop Agesilaus' spearhead? No. Hence the shield.

I am certainly not sorry that I left America while you fools remained to submit yourselves to evil. I raised the alarm before I left, and it was made quite clear to me that America did not appreciate my input. Therefore I moved beyond the reach of both the demons and their thralls.

But doesn't the Cabal rule the CCP?

No, stupid. Do you see a Rothschild bank? Any gay pride parades? Mass immigration?

Some fools think that because the CCP buys Cabal influence in the USA, the Cabal controls the CCP. The Chinese threw off foreign domination with the USSR and Japan, and they haven't allowed any since. The intensity of popular Chinese feeling on this subject is literally nuclear. They will nuke you.

Corruption is China's national sport. Of course they buy influence from everyone who's selling. That doesn't mean the Cabal rules China, any more than it means Africa rules China, or South America, or the EU, etc.

Sure, a Democratic administration can get things done in China, for the right price. Annoy someone with diplomatic pull and life can get very uncomfortable, maybe even terminal, if one runs with the wrong crowd. But the FBI flunkies, the SJW administrators, the Reddit mobs and woke journalists, have zero pull. For them, the language barrier is insurmountable. And forget the Twitter blue-checks: It's blocked by the Great Firewall!

So is Reddit, come to think of it. And the New York Times. So why shouldn't I love China!?

Smacking Sacrificial Lamb

A while back I was accused of being a shill etc at VP by commenter SacrificialLamb, who confidently accuses me here.

My response was deleted by VP moderators, so I'll answer here, briefly:

Shut up yourself, liar.

If you "broke from VD's orbit", then why are you here?

When an object leaves a planet's orbit, does it leave the solar system, stupid? I wouldn't need a metaphor to say I stopped reading him.

No you're a Communist

In Anonymous Conservative's comment section, some stupid liars have called me a Communist.

The reason, presumably, is that I live in China and have said nice things about the CCP's economic miracle.

Now let's follow that logic. If the CCP is Communist, and the CCP oversaw China's economic miracle, then Communist economics works!

Obviously false. Communist economics makes everyone starve.

Therefore China's economic miracle was due to CCP economic nationalism, which is the kind of economics that has always worked. Therefore post-Mao CCP is Communist in name only (China loves doubletalk).

Therefore the people calling me Communist are admitting that they don't understand economics. They actually believe Communist economics works, making them Communists!

As for the CCP's recent insane belligerence towards the USA, it did catch me off guard. I predicted the accidental release of COVID19 would strategically worsen US relations, but I didn't think the CCP would go all-in on a suicidal immediate conflict. This must be emperor Xi's doing, thinking very short term and selfishly. Maybe he felt his grip slipping.

Even though China has a great long-term strategic position, the CCP doesn't seem to understand the reasons for it. If they've overextended themselves, I'm certainly not the hawk-eyed China watcher to spot it before others. I just live here and look out the window; I don't even read Mandarin.

Anyway, everyone knows the stocks are a scam, real estate's a bubble and the banking system is FUBAR. So it's not like overextension symptoms are an inexplicable surprise.

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