Defining Discyborg Stage 1: ABCS and R3

Textmind could still use some additional refinement, and it appears to be very difficult to understand. I'll build a tech progression from pure paper to pure Emacs. That will help.

Based on feedback so far, though, I need to start with something simpler. Doing so will help me build a business structure to eventually support Cyborganize and other projects.

I'm willing to switch foci now because I've published enough documentation to permit someone like my past self to bootstrap. So my conscience is clear. And if I'm hit by a bus, all is not lost.

What's the simplest first step I can teach?

Cyberthal - Rare Reasoning Rules (R3). Learn how to reason correctly using old standardized tests, before diversity dumbed it down. A necessary preparation before interpreting advanced texts such as the Bible, the most advanced text.

Littlebook - Audio Bible Chapter Shuffle (ABCS). I figured out how to turn it into an educational program, online community and virtual church.

Why are these the first steps?

Because it's useless to have an integrous exomind if the endomind can't catch errors during review. And it's hopeless to build an exomind if the endomind drowns in a sea of doubt and folly. So found the endomind on the Rock of Ages, and build the lighthouse by the tested standard.

These are simple information products for which I already qualify as expert, which means I can just apply e-marketing best practices to create a profit engine. With profit, all things are possible.

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