America must choose between life and death, MSM or Great Awakening

Q and Trump won't save America yet, because she keeps believing the mainstream media.

Maybe check exactly to whom you're giving your consent.

Or continue watching WW3 on your flavor of choice…

And wait for the USMIL to resolve the issue by fighting its treacherous elements.

Those who argue you are nothing but cattle, predict you will not awaken until it's too late.

They have planned well for your belated flailing, and relish the dark energies they'll reap.

If you want to rob them, you will have to prove them wrong.

Klaus Schwab loves you just as you are… with a few minor adjustments… 💉

The white walrus of the WEF lacks only cowl and tusks.

You will own nothing ☭, and be happy 💉.

Do you know why the satanic symbol is a goat? Because he's good for nothing but meat, so they sacrifice him.

The Unseen World watches, even if you can't see it. Magic is real, and very dry. That's why you must choose to live, or die.

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