Altrugenics forums ownership and launch sequence for Counter-Evolution

My Counter-Evolution project aims to combat dysgenic effects of technology on human evolution. Cyborganize and Altrugenics are major sub-projects thereof.

I'm about to do another major Cyborganize documentation round, and paused to consider whether I should be launching Discourse forums instead.

Perhaps I should go ahead and launch the Cyberthal Discourse forum as practice, because there is proven demand for the Littlebook one, in the form of the Altrugenics project. Which I can finally begin documenting properly.

A forum based on my name can host my vision of Altrugenics without conflicting with anyone else's. Otherwise the structure is fundamentally unstable. A Littlebook forum can at least last my serviceable lifetime.

More importantly, a forum based on Cyberthal's name can also host his vision of Altrugenics, which will be the moderate intake funnel I have always envisioned for Altrugenics.

Often a forum can be built around a common topic without the need for a formalized ruler. However with Altrugenics this isn't the case, due to the deep sociopolitical and religious conflicts inherent in the community, multiplied by its all-encompassing topical scope.

Forums formally based on me can enforce high quality standards without rigidity thanks to personal evolution over time, which is much more difficult to do in collaboration. Nobody's going to get unduly hurt if I don't find certain theses worthwhile, whereas in an Altrugenics forum that purports to embrace the whole community, that's a much stickier proposition.

For the record, my Littlebook forum quality threshold policy will be that one must be either correct or usefully wrong. Error can be a bridge seekers cross to truth, but it can also drive away seekers from the truth by its adjacent stench.

The degree of error one should tolerate also depends strongly on how certainly the truth of the matter is known. A nascent field such as Edenism should in general be highly tolerant. Particularly since the Cyberthal version will already be sticking to the facts.

The reverse is true in the case of Biblical interpretation - I'll be far more tolerant on Cyberthal than Littlebook, since the moderate position is one of confusion, but I believe the truth is mostly known, given sufficient discipline.

That said it's hard to prioritize forum launches above releasing usable Textmind training. I'm conflicted. I know there's demand for Altrugenics now, but what they actually need is Textmind, the cure for the living ghost syndrome driving Altrugenics demand. The logical sequence is to fix the self-evident issues with Textmind docs, then launch forums to drive demand and produce feedback for further improvements to Textmind.

Feedback will be very important now that the Textmind plan involves stepping people from paper through increasingly complicated digitization to Emacs. I only know how the final step should look in practice. So my cue to launch forums should be needing this feedback, which I don't yet.

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