Altrugenic Refoundations

Why Thal retribalization hasn't happened yet:

As an end-state, it isn't desirable. The goal is to increase group selection by binding the patrilineages to the land, which will increase Thal and altruist phenotypic expression universally. Any additional steps beyond that are moot; they may be considered at that future juncture.

As a revolutionary phase, Thal synthetic retribalization requires the Internet, facial recognition tech, standardized graduate-level reading comprehension, Cyborganize, and probably crypto-currency and Bible audio chapter shuffle as well. Who knows, maybe even koans.

Unmet prerequisites are good. If the prerequisites for an event have been met, yet it still hasn't occurred for a long time, that's evidence the event is very unlikely to occur in the future.

The obstacle is the path.

Popular momentum is the wrong metric for a startup before it has found a scalable business model. Growing a business model that doesn't scale merely destroys seed resources without iterating towards the solution.

There's certainly a time to avoid throwing away progress, but only when it's really progress. Foundations are harder to change than facades. Churn and burn, so long as you learn.

I'm delighted with the foundation currently being laid, and in time others will share that enthusiasm. If the solution were simple, intuitive and popular, it would've already been done.

That said, I have no wish to herd cats. Cyborganize makes everyone a publisher via Pubmind, and extending that to community management is easy. Building scalable replicable systems means anyone who doesn't like mine can make his own. Which means I can prioritize quality over inclusiveness.

I don't know what a "forum for Thals" or Edenic types or whatever should look like. That ambiguity creates the potential for constant friction and dishonesty, which doesn't interest me. These are weaknesses, flaws in the foundation. Fatal ones, in my opinion.

A community based around an individual has integrity in a way that impersonal institutions cannot - personal integrity. Ultimate reality is defined by the persons of the Godhead. The personal ontologically outranks the abstract category.

Forums based on abstract category are certainly useful and necessary. However, the less definite the category, the more disputed and dynamic, the more a personal approach prevails.

At this stage of my life, with multiple profound projects in genesis, a personal approach to community management is imperative. The relevant division is between the palatably technocratic and the heretically theocratic. All abstract project categories benefit from both approaches, mutually segregated.

In fact, the existence of the technocratic eases pressure on the theocratic, and vice versa. Littlebook is better able to tolerate the mixed madness of woo if Cyberthal is there to give the facts. Cyberthal is able to excise folly with a clear conscience if Littlebook conserves the dirty but baby-rich bathwater.

Altrugenics was hopelessly flawed because it had poor defenses against gamma buildup, both within individuals and demographically. The Cyberthal/Littlebook approach relies on personal fiat as a first-line defense to counter this.

A synthetic community always requires a way to resolve status and adjudicate truth. Cyberthal sticks to the transparently objective, Littlebook to my adjudication of the subjective.

A software forum can only really support one perspective on status and truth. Revipedia does not yet exist. Thus I doubt it's worthwhile to try to combine Littlebook and Cyberthal approaches under a single forum covering a topic such as Edenism.

Part of the reason I opted for a baronial approach to Altrugenics was that I wasn't settled in my personal ethos and approach to leadership. However, I believe the Biblical ethos demonstrates a suitable approach to leadership over multiple psychological and religious types, and this ethos is accessible via audio Bible chapter shuffle.

Feudalism works due to shared territorial interest, but there is no such common ground in a forum. It's better to have information categorically concentrated within a forum, and ethos differentiated between forums. This fits the nature of the medium.

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