The Alt-Right's intelligence deficit - naming names

We are now in a situation wherein the US government is better at conspiracy theories than Vox Day, Ron Unz, and whoever else believes that COVID19 wasn't China's fault.

Worse, Anglin is proclaiming COVID19 is "just the flu" when it's clearly super-SARS.

Also, VD promotes Milo who normalizes flagrant homosexuality on the Right in his college tours, while VD simultaneously crusades against "pedophilia", even though homosexuality is essentially pederasty, and the Bible is quietist on the lolita question, subsidiarizing it to male kin and slave owners.

James Donald continues to deny Qanon on the eve of the unveiling, while Qanon sees a sinister Cabal plot in China's COVID19 own-goal.

And after the Navy's video release has likely moved a significant chunk of the Alt Right to believe in UFOs based on camera anomalies in the Low Information Zone.

Everywhere, humans are the same. And /these are the smart ones/. The perspicacity of those who aren't Alt-Right isn't even worth disparaging.

It's no wonder Aryans are losing North America, Australia and the UK. They're too stupid to hold.

That's why I've targeted individual intelligence augmentation as my first priority, by building Cyborganize.

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