Against whom should violence be directed, and when

Look, I just don't see any point to killing immivaders at this stage.

There are what, 6 billion muds who want to move by white people? A few casualties are not gonna deter them. Look at the shitholes they're leaving. And it costs us a loyal operative every time - something the Alt-Right can ill afford.

When the time comes to drive out the muds, it will be easy, same as it always is. I don't even see the point in taking revenge. Do you take revenge on raccoons for raiding your garbage? Aryans don't do animal cruelty.

I'm speaking in general. Islam delenda est, obviously. And immivaders should be punished by loss of some territory. But revenge-killing economic migrants is pointless. Just send them back to the slums.

What I'm about to say may be controversial. Intra-group violence is taboo. However, when dealing with traitors, intra-group violence is prerequisite for victory.

Traitor whites are the problem. I do not say Aryans, because they have lost that honorable appellation. They are merely fishbellies, frail pales, lily-livered scum.

These are the ones who must be made an example. Their entire families must be exterminated, to clarify for future generations that it is literally fruitless to attempt to advance one's private interest against that of one's race.

We do not have the numbers yet for this purge. Therefore we must continue to preach its necessity. Part of that is letting diversity do the recruiting for us, by raping and murdering white rabbits. If you can't stand by and let that happen, you aren't prepared for what must follow.

Genocide is the ugliest form of progress, yet it is the osseous foundation of human intelligence. He who lacks the stomach for it is unfit for the Kingdom of God and the evolution of man.

Look to your own group. If you care about it, you must cleanse it - that it be not condemned at the purge. The Irish, Italians and Catholics are in trouble for their complicity. So are many Christian denominations.

Police your own, or be proscribed. The laws of survival do not bend.

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