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Does the Aryan race have a Darwinian future on Earth?  4th density positive ends competition.  4th density negative ends human sovereignty.  3rd density continuation may not resume on Earth.  If it does, the Harvested will be missing.  And what then?

Lucifer and Lacerta tell enlightening lies:

Dialogue with "Hidden Hand", Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider

Begone monke

Ya'll dislike positive-polarity Aldebarans and Sasquatch.  That brackets Aryan human nature pretty well.  Picky to only tolerate what's between.

I can't say the 95% positive polarity crowd suits me, but the Harvest cutoff is 51% positive, which is reasonable.  Encouraging to hear Ra say he is balanced Love/Light.  Nor do I fear to redo 3rd density forever, as Lucifer does.

Brave words from a banished bird.  Were two dead planets not lesson enough on who's the best infantry?  One asteroid belt is enough.

Embrace Aryas

Aryas should honor those who have defended him from the dark, Etheraptors included.

US Army and Air Force have never gotten along, but why should we share our home planet with invaders?

FINAL FANTASY VII Advent Children Sephiroth VS Cloud

Let the Lizards have the desert, the Lemurs the forest, the Bugs the caves, the Birds the mountains, the Fish the sea.  Aryas would love to live in harmony with his Brothers as the Swiss do with Nature.  We already know in our hearts this is the way.

OMNIA (Official) - Suck my Flute

OMNIA (Official) - Fee Ra Huri

Zero-sum lebensraum logic cannot survive contact with a zero-point energy multiverse.  Humanity was not meant to replace the Elder Beastkin, but to lead Gaia's children.  He who would lead must first follow.

The Jungle Book

Rudyard Kipling, The White Man's Burden, 1899

I don't know why you invoke Kipling to mean the opposite of Kipling.

If not Aryas, then some other human race will take the birthright of the lastborn.  Probably Russia.

The HU - The Great Chinggis Khaan

When A and B fight, C wins...

Sephiroth vs. Genesis vs. Angeal (Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII) 4K

Every fate is chosen.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII GENESIS meets MINERVA HD

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