Abductees discuss Archon plan for 90% Earth depopulation and human subjugation under mentally-childish hybrid guards

Jan 18

@guanajo Hmm, interesting. Perhaps the jabs are to begin that process, then around when disasters will start coming, they will try to relocate the ones who are alive but require special implants for refugees to enter these safe areas. That would resolve the microchipping dilemma.

Been wondering if the jabs are to weed out anyone who doesn't think critically or is connected to their intuition, 6th sense, which is psychic type skills. So those that didn't get it managed to avoid the first wave of depopulation but then in order to avoid the second wave (natural disasters) they will have to go to a centralized area to be "processed".

That's not far from what the hybrid has been on about. Cities will be worse, people will be relocated and processed, he refuses to go into more detail and I have this intense need to tell everyone not to go to centralized areas. Cuz it will look good initially, like the good guys have won and are now helping those that have been fighting this Covid thing, but it will be very bad for their freedoms.

Carissa Conti
Jan 18
@abducteejournal @guanajo

They probably know casualties are imminent and it's something beyond even their control, but it's just a matter of controlling who's left on the other side of it. Hence, the "jab program," to get as many injected with this crazy, alien, whatever it is technology/life forms so that if they survive the upcoming bottlenecking they'll already be ready to go in terms of being able to be controlled. Tom had an analogy in his book "Discerning Alien Disinformation": A farmer who knows a storm is coming, so he rounds up the cows, chips them and stores them in the barn until the storm passes. In our real life scenario maybe substitute chip for the jab, and the way it seems it can be used to track and control, interfacing with technology. So the whole "rounding up and housing in a facility" is in line with what AbducteeJournal is saying about staying out of centralized areas where people can be more easily "processed" and "herded," but under the guise of "staying safe" courtesy of the "good guys who care about you."

Reminds me of a WEIRD, vivid "dream" I had back in August 2021, which I had told AJ about before. Started out as a regular dream being generated by my own subconscious, with typical settings/situations that I would have in a dream…..but then morphed into a scenario that seemed to tie into the whole "round ups/herding/locked down and governed by hybrids" thing. So possibly this was being fed to me while I slept by "something else" that was tapping into my mind.

  • Found myself in a facility that was locked down with sophisticated keypad system. (And which was probably even more complicated than that.) I was being escorted around by some guy that my subconscious chose to represent as "Tom Cruise," who in real life is the figurehead leader of a fanatical cult, with a commanding/authoritative personality, weird/kook, not a normal/human behaving person. So it's a fitting representation.

  • There were other people around me, males and females, who were actually human. We could all move around freely in this big room I found myself in with them, we weren't in cells…but we weren't allowed to leave. So it was clear we had gotten ourselves into a situation where we were being held in a facility and locked in. Though not abused/mistreated, as far as I could tell.

  • We were being overseen by what appeared to be humans, including that "Tom Cruise head boss man," but who acted completely like hybrids I realized upon waking. SUPER dorky personalities, childish/stunted, serious/humorless, overzealous "WORKER BEE" mindset that takes even stupid shit way too seriously, weak/pathetic, don't know how to fight/argue or engage in jibing banter. They're on par with a 7/8 year old child, can't keep up with verbal sparring or any kind of pushback. It's not even a fair fight, like shooting fish in a barrel. They clearly weren't raised in human society.

(Continued in attached comment )

  • We all had jobs to do around the facility, to keep us preoccupied. When I wasn't taking mine seriously enough (needed to go clean up some spilled water) and not immediately JUMPING ON IT!! like an overzealous worker bee some 20-something looking white guy, low level "overseer" with dark blond hair started riding my ass. I had zero respect for him. I wasn't aggressive, but I was completely dismissive of this dude. He was everything described above, so I just rolled my eyes at him, telling him to Chill out, relax, I'll get to it when I get to it. The more I knew he wanted me to GET ON IT! the more I just wanted to fuck with him, for the sake of it. He tensely/sarcastically asked if I wasn't going to do my job. I started mildly mocking him, like, How old are you? Are you a millennial?? You're that kid that nobody liked in school I bet, you were that annoying awkward dork, weren't you? Just rousting him. Like it was this way to pass the time and keep myself amused in this place - give these guys shit, because it's too easy, and they get SO worked up about it. He couldn't keep up though and got so flustered he ran off to tattletale about me to his head boss, the "Tom Cruise" looking guy from earlier who had been escorting me around. Came back looking satisfied and "HEHE!" eager that he now had a comeback to use against me. Just like a 7/8 year old, SO pathetic. Something about how my parents had treated me growing up, because those in charge in this facility knew everything about us humans that were locked up here. They'd gotten inside our heads/read our minds, knew our backgrounds and what our issues might be. So "Tom Cruise" fed this other guy some info. on me to "use against me," but I was just IMMEDIATELY mocking him, going "oooohhh!! You sure showed ME! ooooohhh, ya got me!!" just LAUGHING at this guy.

What was interesting about that is that I seemed to know that I couldn't be punished, and the dorky pathetic guy had no real power. I wasn't starved or abused, just being held captive, but not taking any of it seriously.

  • At the end of this "dream" I became aware that the other humans were secretly banding together to see about planning an escape from this place, try to break out. I was approached to help and join in. I explained to the female (white, light brown hair, chubby, seemed to be early 30s) that I totally want to and support the idea, but just being realistic…..we're never going to make it past the security in this place. It's way too locked down. You'll never get through those doors. And that was the end of the "dream."

But yeah, definitely seemed like some future "round up/herding the humans into facilities overseen by hybrids" situation, though I had no other details about what/how/when/where.

Carissa Conti
Jan 18
@FrozenDecoded @guanajo @abducteejournal

Well, speaking of "DMVs" - after telling Tom about this comment chain Tom relayed a "DMV dream" he had back in January 2020, and gave permission for me to recap it here. But the dream took place back in Iowa, and it was a post-society collapse scenario, at a DMV that had been converted/re-purposed. Iowa is where Tom's family lives, and it's where the DMV is that he uses for his car's registration/driver's license, so his subconscious picked that setting for those reasons it seems.

People would go to the former/repurposed DMV facility to see what work/jobs needed to be done that day around the area. When you're done you come back and check back in at the counter with this (human) woman and then get "paid" in rusty cans of food. His feeling was that there was probably basic foodstuffs like rice or whatever available to people, but if you wanted more then you needed to align yourself to this work program that had been organized. It was humans that were overseeing the operation as far as he could intuitively feel, not hybrids/aliens or human military. He got a sense that the population had been reduced by about 90%, and was only about 5-10% of what it currently is. People needed to band together and cooperate if they wanted to survive, so this is how they were doing it.

He had another dream that same month that tied into the same theme, though didn't involve DMVs, but which took place here in Boca/south Florida. Again, post-society collapse, massive population reduction, and surviving people having to cooperate/work together. In this instance there was a mechanics shop that had been emptied out and repurposed into a small warehouse/storage facility. People would go out and scavenge food and any useful items from the now abandoned residences/businesses/etc. and bring them to this small facility to barter/trade for other items they may need. The whole operation was run by armed humans males.

That's interesting about FrozenDecoded's dream. Possibly your subconscious picked us because we'd just been conversing about Tom's "COVID" sickness a day ago?

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