A Christmas gift of Boomer clearsight

A Christmas gift of novice clearsight from the civnat Boomer in Chief:


Oops, it seems I waited too late to send this. YouTube has already deleted the video from Trump's channel. Fortunately it was uploaded to Rumble, the conservative YouTube replacement:


One consequence of the aforementioned plot is that conflict between China and the USA intensifies. Why? Because Xi turned away from Deng's policy of peaceful liberalization. China might've been a nice place like Taiwan, had it not neighbored the Soviet Union. Southeast Asia's dominoes fell as a result. But the first domino was Karl Marx.


Now the dominoes have raced all the way around the world, from the Pope to the press.


An impressive religious achievement, which puts trivial American evangelical efforts in Africa to shame. Which has more value, IQ 70 tribesmen who remain animists before and after, or the organs of state church for the world's prime nuclear superpower? Evil wins because good is dumb.

A Communist Christmas

Just as China used COVID19's accidental release to damage its international rivals and thereby avoid falling behind, the Western Left uses COVID19 to promote the Great Reset. As usual, the Right's resistance to masks is stupid and the Left's insistence on lockdown is evil. (Neck gaiters are comfortable, launder well, and avoid swamp mouth.)


It's not that the Left is smarter. It's that, lacking principles, they respond to power and incentives, which gives them cohesion and pragmatism. As the global system has scaled while individual Aryan IQ remains static, atomized Rightists have become relatively stupider at comprehending the Great Game and responding appropriately. The 30-year-old Internet is the main reason this trend hasn't already resulted in a complete Communist revolution in the West like the ones in France, Russia and China. The Internet gave Rightists distributed cohesion and an uncontrolled truth channel. Of course, Boomers prefer the convenience of their leaden cups to distant mountain springs.


The USA has been penetrated and governed by a conglomerate of secret societies similar to that of the French Revolution. History must be forgotten before it repeats.

Boomers prefer the convenience of their leaden cups to distant mountain springs. Of course, some do turn to the Internet and attempt to think for themselves. That is better than letting the Ashkenazim think for them, but it is not enough. One fool named the Unabomber decided technology was to blame for toxic scale. But technology equals military power, and any nation that rejects technology accepts subjugation. Another fool named Anthony Quinn Warner blamed 5G and bombed Nashville AT&T with his RV. These Boomers were at least willing to fight, but lacked the intelligence to understand the problem, much less the solution.

Likewise, Trump and Giuliani lack a basic understanding of racial genetic interest, without which any nation is a house founded on sand. You can lead a Boomer to the Internet, but you cannot make him think. Like the fools who assassinated Caesar and then expected the restoration of the Roman Republic, Boomers persist in believing that the past of their childhood is not deader than Judas Iscariot. Their children, however, are not stupid enough to permit the senile selfishness of the only generation raised on infant formula, civic nationalism and broadcast TV to turn the USA into a mixture of North Mexico and East Hong Kong. The casualties wasted on the Civil War and WW1-2 would be well-spent to prevent such an outcome, even at the cost of the annihilation of an entire generation.

Not that Millennial Americans are impressive, even excluding the non-Aryans. Merely that an historically-decisive determined minority of them are willing to reverse American de-Aryanization at any cost. The opinion of the sheepish majority is always a lagging indicator. The small proportion capable of independent thought set future public opinion. We have all seen with our eyes the fruit of equalitarian lies, and learned to despise. The stories of such awakenings are countless and boring.


Anyone intelligent enough to actually understand the problem is thus too valuable to participate directly in the sort of foolish conflagrations that forced naif Kyle Rittenhouse to defend himself with an AR-15 on the streets of Kenosha. Natural selection applies to those too stupid to get out of harm's way. They will learn thermodynamic laws the hard way.

Speaking of harm's way, one's personal experiences with negroes in a lawful heavily-armed South within living memory of open KKK vigilantism are irrelevant to negro behavior under Democrat anarcho-tyranny. KKK vigilantism pales in comparison to the extreme and immediate physical punishments applied to keep the peace in African villages. As many Boomers discover via nursing home abuse, empathy is genetic and sub-Saharans are psychopathic. Having lost the capacity for long-term learning by that point, Boomers are ironically gifted with this discovery daily. It turns out that intelligence is biological after all, and the individual that loses it becomes as helpless as the multi-ethnic empire that loses it. If that is not poetic justice, I don't know what is.


Ashkenazi-run YouTube is now deleting Trump's videos, and Ashkenazi-run Facebook censors as much MAGA as it can afford to, given its Boomer-driven ad revenue business model. Since even basic civnat Boomer MAGA is now suppressed by MSM and Big Social, the only place to follow the massively-popular President Trump as he retakes the country Boomers deserve to lose is


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