4chan: Staffer Anon | Congress rejected presidential fraud audit cuz 75% cheated


To start all of this off i will tell you the reason no one on capitol hill wanted an emergency 10 day audit is because easily 75% of congress engaged in cheating to get where they are, and to be quite honest, none of them, repubs and dems alike wanted this to come out (which it totally would have).

again congress would do anything to avoid a special audit. interestingly in 1876 when they did one they found wide scale bribery and fraud on both sides. you think mitch and pelosi and company are popular? fuck no. theyre corrupt. thats why they fear unfettered free speech on the internet, they cant hide behind multi million dollar ad buys like they have for the past 4 decades. I dont think they realise Trump is sort of like a hydra. they cut off one head and are patting themselves on the back. but more are sprouting up.

i fully understand the frustration you guys are feeling. imo this election was lost because too many dems at the local level. thats where you need to start. the bottom bricks of the pyramid have a huge impact at whats at the top. and for the past 4 years trump broke the dems brains so much that they ran and took a lot of little offices that add up.

re freemason:

more about fraternity then the occult. rich people social clubs, you know? i know more about bohemian grove incidentally..

Nixon bohemian grove most faggy thing ever

it was established by actors. its sorta like a theater camp for the super rich. they literally have impromptu plays and dance around the forest. im with nixon on this one

There was no cheating because we say there isn't.

i have literally heard people say this. it makes me laugh. they all cheat. thats why. they are all (at least 3 quarters) engaged in fuckery to get elected. thats why few repubs would stand up for trump. their on malfeasance would have been exposed to the world.

i think they fear more what he could stir up with his loyalists. because he has what almost no one influential in congress does. popularity.

Pence is a neocon through and through

Their IQ:

100 to 115. they really are not the masterminds they are sometimes portrayed as. they are the sorta popular kid who knows how to pander. remember student council elections from elementary school? it is fucking terrifying how close that is to how our real governemnt works.

he's too low-level to know much. gossip-gathering coffee bitch.
observes their character. pure honorless opportunists. mega-snobs. old and out of touch.

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