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  14. stealection sting | A-10 Fulda Gap | Cold War protocols | both overkill
  15. Dr. Li-Meng Yan Tells an Untold Story of Her Escape from Hong Kong Tonight | gnews | Indian husband attempted murder 3x!
  16. > the mirror test: white babies recognize selves at 15 months, black babies not until 6 years old
  17. The Intentional Destruction of White Birth Rates: Leaked reports from Planned Parenthood, the Rockefeller Foundation, World Bank, US NSC (incl. CIA, military etc.) | Thuletide
  18. Q vid | USMIL retirement citation letters still signed by DJTrump | looks legit
  19. Vindicated Trump says the only lab leak question is if it was ‘on purpose.’
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Jim@ | Trump missed Nov counter-coup window | I rebut | IA after Jan 6 | Cold War protocols


Jim answers my Trump inauguration July 4 prediction:

jim says:
2021-06-10 at 16:10

Seems highly improbable.

The time for action was in November.

The time for action was in November.

If the goal was to invoke the Insurrection Act over Democrat collusion with China to steal the presidential election, then the time to sign it was after normal legal remedies had been exhausted, which did not occur until after Jan 6.

The USA has Cold War protocols for Communist subversion of elections. USMIL is not required to inform a hostile media of a divergence of opinion on who is president.

NFSN | SJW rhetoric on blog | I stay to black knight

Aryaman says:
2021-06-10 at 19:42

Incidentally, have you read what the guys at nearlyfreespeech.net have said recently?


Yes. Jim could dissect their futile attempt to avoid being eaten by the Left. They've honorably defended fringe sites for a long time. Now that the Left no longer tolerates free speech, they're stuck on the wrong side of the wall. I enjoy exploiting this.

The blog post is an attempt to scare off Aryanists without actually compromising their libertarian principles. Nah. Let's see them break their honor and destroy the reputation they've built, or get eaten by the Left. Mercy is for Confederates.
[2021-06-11 Fri 10:00]

DJT is indeed president

DJT is no longer President

Yes he is, and that attitude can get you executed if you're a general in the USMIL.

The Cold War protocols for subversion of elections are overkill for this crew of senile clowns.
[2021-06-11 Fri 19:39]

Qanons not supposed to know Biden "win" twist | wartime opsec | crucifixion similar | nobody wants sheeple informed

Everyone mocks Qanons for not knowing the big twist before the movie ends.

Well, they were supposed to not know. It's the twist that catches the villains. Keeping it secret is a matter of national security, and a state secret to protect the USA from Soviet takeover. Cold War protocols to counter subversion of elections are obviously classified. Qanons wisely trusted the good guys to lead without forward public transparency. This is a basic necessity in wartime.

The gospels are the same story. Opsec required Jesus Christ to appear defeated by the crucifixion. The hints were for backwards comprehension, not prediction.

How is Trump secretly president? How was Obama shadow president? The difference is that Trump has national secrecy laws to seal lips of parties encountered by his agents.

Neither faction wants to break this story to the sheeple. The Cabal is desperate to keep bluffing and lying its way through, as it always has before. If they advertise their weakness, their cohesion collapses as they lose the threats of murder and ruin that keep lips sealed, and admit the power of Trump's inquisitors over life and death. QTrump doesn't want it to leak yet because a sting is a silent hunt.
[2021-06-11 Fri 20:15]

ethnats vs ethnulls | Brazilification

I've been calling those who favor Brazilification or racial blending to destroy recognizable races "etho-Communist". Ethno-nationalist is the opposite of that. Perhaps ethno-globalist would be more accurate than ethno-Communist to describe globalists who seek a unified global market.

Ethno-nationalist shortens to ethnat. The opposite of ethnat is ethnull: those who wish to nullify the races.

In the process, they will lower IQ and altruism, ending Western civilization, leaving a East Asian and Russian rump to carry on an echo thereof. Brazil accomplishes nothing but partying.

The name fits. Call them ethnulls.
[2021-05-23 Sun 21:40]

a nation requires ethnic, religious, and legal unity | Christian identitarians

[Christian Identitarians want a Christian nation that may contain whites.]

Then Christian Identitarians are stupid. A house divided cannot stand, whether ethnically or religiously. You might as well try to be half slave states and half free states…
[2021-05-24 Mon 00:12]

4chan@kinda-insider | ethnull scholar for MNCs | blind to profitable evil

Ethnull scholar's globalist MNC autoconspiracy shows that Satan only needs man to close his eyes to evil too grand for a mere individual to oppose, and to cheerfully serve that evil by believing what is popular and doing what is profitable. The advanced tier like Hillary and Donna Brazile and Fauci involves blatant violations of conscience such as murder, but our 4chan anon probably never did anything he considered wrong on any level. More than that, he thinks he's making the world a better place.
[2021-05-24 Mon 00:30]

woman's childbearing tits, hips ~ man's spear-wielding shoulders, grip.

A woman's childbearing tits and hips are as to a man's spear-wielding shoulders and grip.

The spear is the essential weapon of the hunter-warrior. The spear pins, holds ground and pierces organs.

Hips are a woman's survival bottleneck; breasts are her bloom.
[2021-06-11 Fri 20:25]

Make women property again | Jim@ | my critique

Make women property again | Jim@

Make women property again

Women are different.
Very different.

This is not a game post. This post is about the application of Game and Evolutionary Game Theory to religion and political organization.

If you look at the landscapes we create everywhere, it is apparent that we long for our ancestral savannah, the lightly treed environment we entered when we came down from the trees and stood off the lions. And women long for their ancestral environment of successful reproduction. Women reproduce most successfully as property, men least successfully as property, and their behavior makes no sense unless you understand this.

As I have so often repeated: If a man is defeated, conquered and subdued, perhaps because his tribe and country is conquered and subdued, he is unlikely to reproduce. If a woman is defeated, conquered and subdued, she has escaped from defect/defect equilibrium, escaped from prisoner’s dilemma, and also been transferred from weak men and a weak tribe to strong men and a strong tribe, and is therefore likely to be highly successful at reproducing.

Women are always shit testing you. That is why they are so disruptive and destructive in the work place. But they are not really playing to win. They are playing to be subdued by a strong man.

Female aggression against men, shit testing, is fundamentally different from male aggression, because a man is playing to win, and if it looks like he is going to lose, seeks a compromise to lose without losing too much face, while a woman immediately heads out on a thin limb hoping it will break under her. Thus a woman is most apt to dig in her heels bitterly, stubbornly, and utterly intransigently on an issue where her position is completely indefensible, stupid, self destructive, and illegitimate. If on the other hand she has some legitimate issue with you, she will get angry with you without telling you what her anger is all about. You are supposed to divine it by mental telepathy, whereas if a man has some legitimate point giving rise to a dispute with another man, he will lay it out so plainly that a dog could understand it.


my initial critique

This is an important post, of course, but its flaw will cause needless resistance along the main axis of cuckservative resistance, one whose hardwired psychology Jim consistently underestimates.

Jim> That women need to be property, for the good of society, and because each of them is individually seeking a man strong enough to make her property, that men need to make them property, is the best shibboleth to organize around. All faiths that support that can work together.

Nah. It counters the grain of Hajnal Aryan gender egalitarianism and chivalry. And it is necessary for men to look to God, not to woman, to plot his course. This principle, explicitly held, will arouse contempt and rebellion, and too-successful tears and pleading.

Some desirable effects cannot be pursued directly.

This is like the suppression of the anti-trinitarian heresies. Christians can't elevate a specific trinitarian dogma to the level of Scripture, because the Bible doesn't contain a suitable quote. The statement of dogma exists so that whenever someone deviates too far from it, he's easily identified as a heretic, and the rebuttals are prefab. And the only reason we are relaxed about it now is because we already won the war and killed their children, leaving only isolated kooks.

A shibboleth isn't something to organize around. It's a password to avoid execution. Any priest who fails the Women=Property shibboleth is objectively Communist, because matriarchy results in Communist-style collapse.

Correction to avoid confusion: Tamar and Judah, not Tamar and Jacob.
[2021-04-19 Mon 16:55]

tabled drafts

answering Jim re WQ shibboleth

Obviously patriarchy works. It is Biblically prescribed and militarily dominant. It works over and over and over again. That is the problem. It works too well, creating good times and weak men, resulting in feminism. Both matriarchy and patriarchy, r and K, are inherent to humanity.

On top of that, Hajnal Aryans are uniquely chivalrous, which is both virtue and vice. I don't know how anyone well-traveled could miss that.

Imagine trying to get VD to say that women=property. Spacebunny wouldn't let him. But he likes to joke, "She will look beautiful in chains."

Women=property will always be controversial, like three-in-one. And that's ok. A shibboleth doesn't have to make sense. "Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore" is a a great shibboleth, even if there's no Sally. Crimestop prevents feminist priests from stating the women=property argument.

I recommend a little tact, indirection, preservation of romantic illusions. "You are livestock. Moo for me bitch," has its place in the bedroom, but rarely works as an opener.

Much of female attraction is signalling one can handle kids well. Her mind is optimized for interaction with chidren, after all. A good father is in charge of his kids, but doesn't make that overbearingly obvious most of the time. There's a sly dance to it. Children are property, women are property, but also more, and the dance matters.

Evangelists don't lead with the trinity either. In due course the church ensures new believers are inoculated against that and other heresies. It's not central, and doesn't need to be. Imagine the overhead projectors blasting "3=1" as the congregation fervently renounces math.
[2021-04-20 Tue 09:03]

answering Jim re WQ, Aryan chivalry

That is a reiteration, not a response. I've noticed the Right is vulnerable to the cognitive ossification of gerontocracy, as PByrne complained of RGiuliani.

I already know what your dogma is. I'm explaining how to soften the autistic edge to reach the purple-pilled.

The Bible doesn't say three-in-one. That's probably not quite right. But it's great for countering monophysites etc.

Similarly, the Bible doesn't say women are property (except when they're slaves). So that's not quite right. But it's great for countering feminism.

It's a shibboleth, a mystery, a lost truth, etc. Doesn't have to be the whole truth.

There are many ugly 3rd-world ways to subjugate women to the level of property, and Western society has practiced brutal sex slavery too. None of that crap is Biblical, nor do Aryans behave that way in the ancestral environment. Such behavior provokes instinctive revulsion. Avoid the association.

You don't need a long caveat. Just say, "Women=property is the shibboleth we'll use to purge feminism from Aryas forever. It's not the whole truth on gender relations, obviously, just the part feminist priests can't say."

Instead of executing them, we should sell them as shackled missionaries to the most brutally misogynistic tribes available. That way they serve our genetic interest by spreading Aryan genes, while making the ultimate sacrifice in order to reduce misogyny.
[2021-04-20 Tue 16:55]

answering Jim re WQ and Aryan chivalry

I feel I've made this point repeatedly to your invariant flippant dismissal. Cognitive ossification afflicts communities such as this, an effect of blogosphere senior seniority.

It shouldn't be difficult, so I'll try again.

There are three types of matriarchy, divided by CSR theory. Ruderal matriarchy is due to lazy male abdication; see West Africa. Stress-tolerator matriarchy is due to autism; see Scandinavia. Competitor matriarchy is honor-based; see Sparta.

Obviously, I am using "matriarchy" more loosely than "literal political rule exclusively by women". Stress-tolerator is the most matriarchal: "Yes, dear." Ruderal is second, given the laissez-faire ho autonomy of "Fend for yourself, bitch." Competitor is the least matriarchal: "With your shield, or on it." This is because womanly rule does not scale past the home and garden.

Competitors are the only of the three evolved for supra-tribal social scale, and thus eschew uncompetitive matriarchy. The conflict on this point between autists and honorists is eternal, since autists read anti-matriarchy as anti-altruism, and respond with tribal ostracism, whereas honorists read autistic matriarchy as cuckoldry. Nobody cares what the ruderals think. The point is, the sexual politics of igloo, Ithaca and Igbobo differ as greatly as their latitude.

Hajnal Euro matriarchy is a mix of autism and honor loosely characterizable as "chivalry". Move east towards Russia and it fades. South towards Africa is the Muslim misogyny belt. West towards the Americas it fades again, with Eastern Woodlands Indians having some European admixture, and attitudes towards women shifting dramatically by the interior of the continent.

Feminism still appears worldwide, as a feature of the decline phase of John Glubb's social cycle. So Hajnal Europe gets a double dose of feminism. Thus implementing and sustaining patriarchy in Hajnal Europe requires relatively more energy, whether from environmental hardship or religion or whatever. Enduring systems must appeal to both the autistic and honor-based perspectives on women.

Jim's just-so stories are too sharp for general Hajnal Euro adoption, without enormous environmental Competitor shift. Patriarchy's effectiveness tends to immediately alleviate this environmental pressure by producing prosperity. As we all know: Hard times make strong men; Strong men make good times; Good times make weak men; Weak men make hard times.

The solution is to dilute the redpills into the rest of Christianity, and use them as a shibboleth like the Trinity test to excommunicate heretics.

In other words, just be a normal Christian, but woke on the WQ. Then run an Inquisition like you mean to keep your country, while it's weighed in the scales of a jealous God.

I suggest sending all the female pastors to evangelize in West Africa, naked.
[2021-04-28 Wed 00:32]

Every time I tell Jim Hajnal Aryans are chivalrous, he's like "Nuh uh, 'Stralia." Which is foolish, because they obviously are. Proof by inversion: There is no other race on Earth which one could argue is comparably chivalrous. It's the same cluster of traits that causes Hajnal Aryan outbred altruism and kindness of animals. Denying reality is not the way to accomplish desirable social change.
[2021-05-06 Thu 18:26]

answering Jim re WQ shibboleth | my 2nd reply

This is stupid. Let's switch the subject to feral cats. Hajnal Aryans are kind to animals for the same reason they're chivalrous towards women. Just a genetic tendency. If we want to make stray cats property again, must frame it in terms sufficiently sympathetic towards the cats.

Jim's undiluted dogma on women is gentle enough for stray cats, but not enough for women, who get more sympathy than cats… at least outside autistic Internet circles. Therefore, dilute it in the rest of Christianity, which can hide any number of steel gauntleted fingers inside its velvet glove of grace. The Trinity shibboleth is a finger. Add an anti-feminist shibboleth. Kill any priest who fails it, and her cats.

Jim objects: 'Stralia. I answer: Obviously Aryans have patriarchal phases, and at the patriarchal peak of the historical cycle a central authority can do extremely patriarchal things. Hooray for Ahasuerus' rebuke of Vashti. The problem is sustaining it through the peace and prosperity inevitably generated by patriarchy and property rights. Islam solves this problem by skipping the peace and prosperity. We can do better than that.

I guess the USA's Civil War 2 will be Aryan ethnats vs ethno-Communists including feminists, so that's a good time to burn the shibboleth into blood memory by executing all feminist families down to the last kitten.

Then it's back to, "Jesus loves you." And Sunday School can tell the story of the Witchslayer Crusade that ended the neo-Aztec's empire of abortion that sacrificed thousands of infants daily to prevent the sun from boiling the Earth and worshiped nigger sun-spawn. Tell your parent or pastor if a friend confides her neo-Aztec sympathies. Don't let the Devil gestate in darkness, lest you turn into a barren blue-bobbed baby-boiling herpes hag.

my 3rd reply

Wow, the stray cats topic was fitting. You're tinkering with women and can't even get Aryans to manage their pets right. The natural consequence of eliminating stray cats is biologically obvious, yet Aryans regularly do it anyway, because miserable stray cats are sympathetic: "MEOW." Your solution is to reiterate the obvious consequence that has failed to deter every time so far. Cats will reiterate more than autists.

My solution is to tell a story. Pet cats are not meant to be apex predators. They need something hunting them to keep their skittish prey skills sharp. Wolves and feral dogs are too big to hunt subdivisions, but coyotes are just right. Coyotes aren't sympathetic and prey on stray cats, as well as other vermin. Coyotes end stray cat suffering long before humans detect it, and keep the local cat population trim and healthy. Channel do-gooder animal sympathy into championing coyote tolerance in suburbia. Write children's stories about Sheriff Coyote "arresting" the bad lazy incautious stray cats who beg their food and eat garbage instead of mice.

Coyotes prowling the subdivision provides a shadow of the big bad wolf to shiver the suburbanite in his craven cradle, increasing K selective ambiance. Ignoring the piteous meow is surely analogous to ignoring the whore's tears. Or maybe my solution is unworkable because coyotes can't dodge cars; I don't know.

The Bible already provides something like this via jubilees that let the land rest and the ecosystem flourish, from mice to coyotes. So I'm adding sub-scriptural cultural support to fulfill scripture's original intent in a divergent postmodern environment. It's important not to let one's personal parables arrogate themselves to parity with scripture; that encourages rejection as heresy by undecided sincere Christians. Entryists buzz around Christianity these days like flies on a corpse. You don't want to sound like a lifelong atheist who's adapting Christianity to his religion of NRx, even if that's what you are.

What am I saying? You can't write any other way. If you can't recognize the problem, you certainly won't solve it. It'll be up to others to repackage it for appeal to VD's Alt-West et al. Perhaps it will filter through Dalrock first. Probably the old guard will have to die first.

I suppose I'll have to write it myself. Contextualize and Christianify it. "A Naturalistic Survey of the Biblical Institutes. Chapter 1. The Law treats both men and women sometimes as property and sometimes as persons, but to differing degrees. Anthropologically, men are built for war and women for childbirth, these being the respective leading causes of death for each sex. Thus men's legal status ranges from the total freedom of the conqueror to the total bondage of the captive, whereas women are always at least partially property, but are given special protections.

What does this mean for women, in practice? We have the lives of many Biblical women to choose from. Observe the relative nearness in status between Sarai, a princess, and her handmaiden Hagar. Note how Boaz included Ruth as an afterthought accessory to the sale of her dead husband's land. Remember that Rebecca's consent to marry Isaac was sought only as a tiebreaker to allow Eliezer's immediate departure.

This reduction in women's status may initially seem horrifying to atomized Westerners. Who will take care of women, if they are not permitted to own themselves? The answer is that Western men must de-atomize themselves in order to take care of their women. Assuredly, the horrors of atomization are much worse than whatever patriarchal abuses may ensue. As the story of Ruth shows, women will generally get their way regardless."

Hm, I feared not justifying male slavery in the introduction was lazy, but covering the plight of women first actually works, by shaming men into momentary silence as the sale proceeds.

Not bad. Feel free to use it. I imagine the NRx warbride fertility argument safely buried somewhere like chapter 5, as a naturalistic justification for the Law.

I assume you've got some reheated copypasta for me about how calling the slogan "Women are property" misogynistic is enemy propaganda. I'd like a side order of "You're an NRx entryist," and a large Qanon, to go.

posted to https://blog.reaction.la/politics/make-women-property-again/


grabbed above from '3dashboard after long cool-off

no reply from Jim, or anyone else. The wary silence of the chastised. Good.
[2021-06-11 Fri 20:29]

AC, VD wrong on unvaxx side effects | spike proteins toxic in COVID19 and unvaxx

Why the CDC is worried

That is not the reason. AC's reason is a speculative long-term auto-immune targeting of healthy muscle. The mRNA unvaxx produces an intrinsically toxic spike protein. COVID19 does organ damage, and judging by unvaxx side effects, the spikes must be doing part of that organ damage. The heart inflammation is probably normal secondary COVID19 damage.

This is another example of VD following AC into the wildly implausible.
[2021-06-11 Fri 20:37]

Nate's more reasonable

  1. Nate June 11, 2021 8:36 AM

Its likely a lot more simple than all of this. The vax is injected into muscle. What is the heart? Its a big muscle. If the heart it self starts producing the spike protein the. The immune system responds youre going to get inflammation.

Nate provides a simpler but not simpler enough explanation.

Looks like my comment censored. Perhaps VP has decided I'm too much of a threat, now that my news posts are gaining a following.
[2021-06-11 Fri 21:09]

open to teaching Cyborganize to USMIL

I wouldn't mind teaching Trump's USMIL how to not fail at Emacs. They're the heroes of the hour, must respect that, whatever our differences.
[2021-06-12 Sat 22:43]

Littlebook traffic is booming. Push to median 100 daily hits?

[2021-06-12 Sat 00:01]

stealection sting | A-10 Fulda Gap | Cold War protocols | both overkill

A-10 Warthog swarms were designed to counter Soviet tank battalions pouring through the Fulda Gap. Using them on the Iraqi National Guard was both complete overkill and spectacular entertainment.

The US has secret Cold War protocols for countering KGB capture of the civilian government via subversion of elections. Using them on the senile Democreep-CCP collusion is similarly complete overkill and spectacular entertainment.

The USA may be half-pozzed, but a lot of her old equipment still works.
[2021-06-12 Sat 08:46]

Dr. Li-Meng Yan Tells an Untold Story of Her Escape from Hong Kong Tonight | gnews | Indian husband attempted murder 3x!

Dr. Li-Meng Yan Tells an Untold Story of Her Escape from Hong Kong Tonight
JoJoTorMapleLeafs7 hours ago

FBI Director Chris Wray appeared before the House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing today. Rep. Matt Gaetz becomes the only U.S. congressman to boldly stand up for our brave Dr. Li-Meng Yan at Wray’s hearing today.

Dr. Michael Pillsbury, senior fellow and director for Chinese strategy at Hudson Institute told the Voice of America that The intelligence community should interview Yan to get to the bottom of the CCP virus’ truth.

Dr. Yan talks on today’s show about how the FBI contacted her and what happened before and after escaping to the United States.

What happened on April 28, 2020?

When Dr. Yan got off the plane, customs officials and the L.A.-based FBI had been waiting for her for a long time.
Dr. Yan later learned that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government, through her so-called friend Li Yu (李钰), had her WeChat contacts in the U.S. call the U.S. police, claiming that she has been kidnapped and needs the intervention and help of the Chinese Embassy. Fortunately, the United States government did not end up handing her over to any Chinese Embassy.
A few hours after Dr. Yan got on the plane, the president of the University of Hong Kong received word from the Chinese Communist Party that a full search of the campus had been conducted. At the same time, the Chinese National Security Bureau sent agents from Beijing to Dr. Yan’s family in Qingdao, Shandong Province.
Few hours after Dr. Yan left Hong Kong, the President of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) Zhang Xiang launched a comprehensive search on the campus and the Ministry of State Security sent agents from Beijing to Dr. Yan’s family in Qingdao, Shandong.
Dr. Yan especially points out Li Yu on the show and warns everyone she is working for the CCP, who pretend as Hong Kong protestor on social media.
Dr. Yan singles out Li Yu on the show and warned people that she was pretending to be a Hong Kong protester on social media when in fact she was working for the CCP. Li also has been constantly threatening Dr. Yan’s friends and family in China and revealed all their information to the CCP.

Dr. Yan tells the stories about her husband, Ranawaka Perera

Dr. Yan’s husband claimed to kill Mr. Lu De and Mr. Steve Bannon after Dr. Yan asked him to go to the U.S. together. And he had attempted to kill her three times, which is how she ended up leaving Hong Kong alone immediately.
He then followed Dr. Yan to New York to prevent her from participating in an interview with Fox last year. Dr. Yan was shocked that he was able to enter the U.S. with an H-1B visa this March. He could only obtain his H-1B with the support of Malik Perris, HKU, and an institution in the United States.


Dr. Yan had a two-hour interview with the FBI at the airport on April 28, 2020. Then when she arrived in New York, she had many long interviews and conversations with the FBI and their scientist.

[2021-06-12 Sat 15:59]

Her Indian husband tried to murder her three times!!
[2021-06-12 Sat 15:59]

> the mirror test: white babies recognize selves at 15 months, black babies not until 6 years old

The Intentional Destruction of White Birth Rates: Leaked reports from Planned Parenthood, the Rockefeller Foundation, World Bank, US NSC (incl. CIA, military etc.) | Thuletide

Thuletide [] The Intentional Destruction of White Birth Rates: Leaked reports from Planned Parenthood, the Rockefeller Foundation, World Bank, US NSC (incl. CIA, military etc.)

A declassified trio of documents, all produced around 1970, prove that White birth rates have been intentionally destroyed throughout the West. You can
find the full reports online at the following links, but highlighted versions are included at the end of this short article:

  1. Population Planning, United Nations’ World Bank (1972)

  2. Implications of Worldwide Population Growth (‘The Kissinger Report’), US National Security Council (includes CIA, military, etc.) (1974)

  3. Activities Relevant to the Study of Population Policy for the U.S (‘The Jaffe Memo’), Planned Parenthood on behalf of John D. Rockefeller’s Population

Council (1969)

The reports explicitly detail techniques to intentionally reduce the birth rates of a population. Almost all of these techniques have been openly implemented
throughout the West, excluding one or two of the most extreme options (e.g. forced sterilization), which they may attempt to implement covertly or through
a trojan horse.

This means that the Replacement Migration agenda was a stereotypical Problem-Reaction-Solution:

Globalists want to transform White civilization into multi-racial-mixed-race civilization.
Globalists intentionally destroy White birth rates via techniques documented below.
Globalists tell us that we need mass migration of non-Whites to “fix” our birth rates.
Globalists get their multi-racial society.

[2021-06-12 Sat 16:34]

Q vid | USMIL retirement citation letters still signed by DJTrump | looks legit

AC> Another unconfirmed vid on Q’s board, from a quickly deleted Tiktok account:
USMIL retirement citation letters are signed by DJTrump. Nice.

Vid looks legit QTrump provenance to me.
[2021-06-12 Sat 16:49]

Vindicated Trump says the only lab leak question is if it was ‘on purpose.’

[2021-06-12 Sat 16:51]

news noise | stealection audits unstoppable | COVID19 bioattack scandal

I merely skimmed past most of today's news. It felt like skippable noise. For example, Biden's DOJ wants to stop the AZ audit, and AZ threatened them with prison. But we already know that Trump threatened civil war (a short one) if the Dems tried to stop the audits. So the audits will proceed, and find lotsa fraud.

Likewise, America is gradually awakening to the COVID19 bioattack. It's inevitable. The Cathedral oligarchy's powers of info suppression fail before the combined might of QTrump's USMIL and WWW alternative news.

If there are no surprises, then there's no news. Spend your bandwidth elsewhere.
[2021-06-12 Sat 16:58]

NFSN | #1A left-libertarians | MFFAM policy | finding alternatives | Jim@Mike in Boston | NFSN cloud nice for low-traffic

Mike in Boston says:
2021-06-11 at 16:07

Did this used to be a good website?

Define “good”. They provide a semi-premium product at a premium price. I give them credit for historically having defended websites hosting unpopular views, but just to be clear they have always been old-fashioned liberals of the sort who actually believed in free speech as a value, but otherwise buy into all the other left-wing delusions. Here’s an excerpt from their FAQ that long predates this latest post, at https://www.nearlyfreespeech.net/about/faq#BecauseFuckNazisThatsWhy :

our content policy does occasionally put us in a position of accepting money to host sites we find abhorrent. But we have no interest in profiting from sites like that. For that reason, since our founding in 2002, we have what we have more recently started calling the MFFAM policy: Morons Funding the Fight Against Morons.

When we find a repugnant site on our service, we mark the account. We receive reports about all payments to such accounts, and we take a portion of that money larger than the amount of estimated profit and we donate it to the best organization we can find. The best organization in any given case meets two criteria:

The recipient organization does share our values.
The recipient organization is as opposite (and hopefully as offensive) as possible to the site operator that funded the donation.

Examples of organizations that have received funding over the years include the Anti-Defamation League, the Southern Poverty Law Center, local chapters of the NAACP, the National Bail Fund Network, the American Immigration Council, the Trevor Project, and others.

There are other web hosting outfits that believe in free speech. The term to search for in their acceptable use policy is “Law of the Land”.

[2021-06-12 Sat 18:49]

I greatly appreciate not only NFS.N's #1A commitment, but also their high-security CLI smooth-scaling technical approach. It's a cloud service so scaling gets expensive, as usual, but the low-end is budget-friendly, for cloud. IT guys can always argue for servers over cloud, and at some point it makes sense to switch, but I'm far from it, at median 50 visits per day, per Addthis.

What other #1A-ish web hosting outfits are there?

[2021-06-12 Sat 19:02]

jim@ says I won't pay up on Trump July 4 bet

suones says:
2021-06-11 at 03:10

…Trump’s presidential inauguration will occur on July 4 2021, and of the corroborating evidence which gives me confidence in it, such as Trump’s claims he will be reinstated by August.

Will anyone take up this bet? If only I’d had some BTC to wager on this!

jim says:
2021-06-11 at 04:42

He is not going to pay up.

[2021-06-12 Sat 19:04]

I rebuke Jim@ casual betting practice

The Bible requires paying bets even unto sacrificing your daughter on an altar, which is an excellent reason not to make casual bets. There is no Biblical support for the practice, nor even anyone stupid enough to try it. The practice of debt slavery likely selected strongly against the gambler's gene.

A bet can be a test to mollify an authority figure, as in Daniel's vegetarian challenge. Betting is also a good prelude to violence, as Samson demonstrated.

It can be the test of a prophet, but unlike Gary Morgan, who bet the farm on options that all expired out of the money, I make no such claim. Furthermore, no Biblical prophet is permitted to profit off his edge.

There was no betting mentioned in the courts of Solomon; it does not increase wisdom. Becoming a superpredictor is a fine aspiration, and the disciplined path is known. It begins with quantitative calibration, and involves tracking of many probabilistic predictions. From this basis, one may attempt quantitative Bayesian reasoning. Learn SQL first.

There are many natural ways to benefit by foreknowledge of events; artificial ones are superfluous. Jim's blog has wasted a fair amount of bandwidth on inter-commenter bets, as if Wordpress comments were a prediction market platform.

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