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  9. Saudi Prince Al-Waleed | Obama's backer | Vegas shooting related
  10. veterinary Ivermectin a cheap easy substitute for prescription | ga.w
  11. Greatest Mass Killer of 21st Century: Fauci Cahoots with CCP | ga.w | suppressed HCQ
  12. The Truth Behind COVID-19 Vaccines——The Secret of Vaccine Ingredients | gnews | superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles

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Czechs expelled Soros university | fled to Hungary, expelled there too | based Central Europe | Gab@ShemNehm

First Nehm Basis

There's a broad boulevard bustling with two-way traffic from the Gramscian long march. Where there's a university, the Marxists march in. Where there's not, the Marxists build one.

I was living in Prague when the Central European University, funded by Soros, was up and running. Vaclav Klaus, knowing full well the extent to which such universities are seedbeds for socialism, forced Central European University to vacate its Prague campus and move to Budapest. The Left was livid that Soros wasn't given free rein in Central Europe, saying things like, "Soros has been a thorn in the side of the provincial, the xenophobic, the illiberal, and the plain old corrupt of the post-Communist world", which tells you that Klaus was directly over his globalist target.

[2021-06-10 Thu 17:51]

extracted Jim's blog comments

Pooch says:
2021-06-09 at 22:03

Also best of the Rational Male Year One to Year Five


jim says:
2021-06-09 at 23:52

I would have issued a similar endorsement, but him going tradcuck made me reconsider.

Tradcuck is the black pill, and not only does the black pill not get you laid, it is unchristian.

A tradcuck is looking for a unicorn.

If emperors with a thousand conservatively raised concubines and unquestionable authority to execute any of them or all of them for any reason or no reason at all had woman problems, you are going to have woman problems.

[2021-06-10 Thu 21:45]

jim says:
2020-10-16 at 06:06

If we are going to discuss Christianity within the frame that you are a Christian, I want you to first take the demon worshipper test.

Jesus Christ is Lord. Christ was born in Bethlehem, died in Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world.

Am I a Christian? I am not sure. I discuss Christianity from within the frame that it is the best glue we have developed so far for holding state, society, and family together, and that old type Christianity is a sane response to the nature of the world and the nature of man, but when I give thanks at mealtimes, and thanks for a good sunset, I feel emotions as if I believed, and I can say the words above without feeling I might catch on fire.

But whenever someone tells me what the proper Christian position is, from within the frame that he is a Christian, which is not the frame I use, I frequently get the feeling that the person I am talking to at best a gnostic, at worst a demon worshipper.

jim says:
2021-05-31 at 07:08

What i mean by ‘less dimorphism’ is, besides the conventional characterization of east asian males as ‘less manly’, i would also say say that east asian women tend to exhibit more ‘male brained’ like behavior.

The only genuine female engineers are east Asian. White female engineerettes are totally fake.

On the other hand, white engineers are better than east asian if there is any design or architecting involved. For just polishing up stuff and carrying out instructions, male east engineers are generally better than white engineers, but as team leader, or if there is significant design work involved, of limited value.

jim says:
2021-05-28 at 19:16

Single people are really not doing much reproduction.

In the game of players and bitches, the players lose and the bitches win until they hit the wall. It is a reproductive strategy that always fails on average. It fails for men because most men fail at it, and those that succeed pay a high price.

Women are not likely to kill their children that they invested at least 10 months and lots of biological cycles into producing

That parade of strange men that they invite into their household are. Tomcat strategy. Kill the kittens. I have felt an amazingly powerful compulsion to do that myself, even though I love children. If I am having sex with a women who has bastards, I feel a powerful compulsion to stick them in a sack and take them out to sea. It is not as strong as the entirely irresistible compulsion to kill adulterers, but it is mighty strong. And I love children.

[2021-06-10 Thu 22:05]

reading jim's comments on latest blog post. lots of them, since he's afraid to post on current affairs anymore.
[2021-06-10 Thu 22:05]

Jim's blog promo of my news roundups | rise of IA | Trump inauguration prediction

Jim expressed an interest in my notes, many months back. I share them regularly now. My Cyberthal persona targets the Hacker News demographic:

2021-06-10 | Fierce Nerds | earplugs | replicability crisis | COVID19: masks; lab leak racist? | desktop wars | expat Singapore | Icahn's crypto | birth | autism | flouride good | ego ~ violence | ad spies | $QL | shy UFOs | Textmind | crime hosts

The rest of my shareable notes go under Littlebook:

News 2021-06-10 Thu | petrodollar pozzes | Qtards | Ivermectin for unvaxx | Trump anti-Bitcoin | VD mocks Trump | site stats | COVID19 infowar | China falling? | end subhumans | flee Weimerica | UFOs love water, nukes

Like modern AI, Textmind relies on simple algorithmic processing of massive volumes of data to achieve qualitatively transformative results. There is no way to achieve such results using the unaugmented method of applying lots of thought to a little data, which resembles the obsolete prior generation of AI. Venkatesh Rao recently addressed this concept in his article on Supertime.

That is how I'm aware of the prediction via Michael Baxter that Trump's presidential inauguration will occur on July 4 2021, and of the corroborating evidence which gives me confidence in it, such as Trump's claims he will be reinstated by August.

posted to https://blog.reaction.la/culture/mate-guarding-game/
[2021-06-10 Thu 23:47]

Trump vindicated vs Fauci | "science fiction" | my joke

Donald J Trump

It is now unanimous, and I have been proven right (once again) that the initial World Health Organization Report on the Wuhan Lab was flawed and must be redone, this time by a truly transparent investigation. We were right about the China Virus from the beginning, and now the entire world sees it. This is why the Chinese Communist Party should pay $10 Trillion in global reparations for what they allowed to happen, the worst event in world history. Even here in the United States, the so-called experts like Dr. Fauci were wrong about the Wuhan Lab and China’s role the entire time. Just think how bad things would have gotten if I followed Dr. Fauci’s advice and never closed down travel from China (and other things)? Dr. Fauci likes to say that he is “science,” when in fact he is merely science fiction!

Whoah, back off @realdonaldtrump. Fauci clearly belongs in the dystopian section. Or possibly parody.

A few UFOs in the background does not a sci-fi tale make! We've been over this with those wankers from the interspecies romance genre.

Now, if you launch him into the sun for failure to appreciate the therapeutic and sterilizing properties of sunlight… then I'm willing to be flexible.
[2021-06-11 Fri 01:41]

poach wife off Mormons | very aspie

111111111111111111111111111111 — Today at 3:55 AM
Also if you're looking for a wife and need a last resort, hang out with Mormons. You'll find one. Tons of aspies and aspy friendly culture. Not evangelizing but if you're desperate, it's there.

[2021-06-11 Fri 11:51]

foam floor bed | beware moisture mold

Mycroft — Today at 5:17 AM
@Leo Littlebook the foam floor bed is a terrible idea. It is very comfortable, but within a month or two the moisture accumulates and creates bad mold. Having some type of spacing beneath the mattress for vapor to escape is important to health. That is why futons are on wooden frames, and most beds have a box spring under the mattress.

Sounds easy to mitigate by e.g. flipping it weekly, or moving it when not in use.
[2021-06-11 Fri 08:22]

Qtards | Did Xi Tell Trump About Chloroquine (CQ)? | ga.w | no.

Did Xi Tell Trump About Chloroquine (CQ)?

Did Xi Tell Trump About Chloroquine (CQ)?
posted 6 hours ago by Dogsoldier2 +304 / -1
In this movie it's hard to tell who the real bad guys are. I'm thinking there are a lot of gray hats between the white hats and black hats. One thing that has bugged me for a while is Q drop 1116 from April of 2018. In hindsight I think when Trump met with Xi that the latter told him Chloroquine could cancel out the China virus. The symbol for Chloroquine is CQ.
Drop #1116
Thank you Xi.
Good start.
China/CQ cancel.

[2021-06-11 Fri 08:34]

Impossible, dates are wrong. CQ was likely a reference to cars.
Stupid post, Qtards upvote: +351 / -2
no commenter notices date problem. 2018 = pre-pandemic.
[2021-06-11 Fri 08:34]

Saudi Prince Al-Waleed | Obama's backer | Vegas shooting related

Las Vegas Shooting, What REALLY Happened
Nov 5 2017 00:55:46 (EST)
NOTE IF YOU ARE USING A MOBILE PHONE OR DEVICE READ THE LINK HERE :https://isenselogic.com/las-vegas-shooting/

If you find this information informative please share on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus and any other social media platform.

Delta 8 THC is legal in all 50 states and available for delivery at https://redemperorcbd.com
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Time Stamp. 10/20/2018 206 AM Seattle WA.

This is the truth of what really happened in Las Vegas during the worst Mass Shooting in US History.
You are welcome to try to debunk it but I bet a million dollars you can't.

The Official Story. A lone gunman name Paddock went crazy and out of the blue decided to murder 50 American attending a country concert.

The True Story.
The Vegas Shooting was an Assassination Attempt against Donald Trump and The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia by the Mossad, ISIS, The FBI, Australian and possibly UK Spooks or intelligence operators. The concert was shot up as a DIVERSION for the HIT TEAMS to escape after their plot was discovered by military intelligence. protecting Trump and his associates.



Sounds more plausible than the official version.
[2021-06-11 Fri 08:54]

Looks like author stopped blogging there 8 months later, until recently.
The author is intelligent but scattered, hasn't written anything else useful
Take his version of events as plausible, not proven.
[2021-06-11 Fri 09:04]

Was Las Vegas a Saudi Crown Prince Salman Assassination Attempt?
Ami TielNov 7, 2017

A good source for public background info on the US-Saudi power struggle.
[2021-06-11 Fri 09:07]

Saudi Prince Al-Waleed Hand-Picked Every Obama Cabinet Member. Also, together with Bill Gates, owns the Four Seasons Hotel that is located within the 5 top floors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. AAAAnd he is majority share holder @Twitter. Call that a TriFecta of INFILTRATION
posted 12 hours ago by OhWellian +424 / -0

[2021-06-11 Fri 09:08]

Above links were from comments here. Pretty solid.
[2021-06-11 Fri 09:08]

veterinary Ivermectin a cheap easy substitute for prescription | ga.w

I can confirm that horse-grade Ivermectin taken at recommended body-weight once a week for a month will not kill you. $3 at Tractor Supply Co.
[2021-06-11 Fri 09:09]

Greatest Mass Killer of 21st Century: Fauci Cahoots with CCP | ga.w | suppressed HCQ

[HEADLINE NEWS] Greatest Mass Killer of 21st Century: Fauci Cahoots with CCP
纽约香草山MOS017 hours ago

On June 8th, according to the report from The Gateway Pundit (TGP), data shows the greatest mass killing of the 21st century resulted from Fauci conspiracies and lies, as a new study shows that HCQ plus AZM improved the survival of COVID patients by nearly 200%.

TGP has reported extensively this past year on the effects of HCQ in treating COVID-19, including how Fauci and the medical elites conspired to ban the use of this very successful drug. They also have reported earlier how Fauci and top U.S. medical experts all conspired using bogus studies and obvious false information to disqualify HCQ in treating coronavirus. As a result of their actions, they are linked to the death of over half a million Americans and 3.7 million global citizens.

Notoriously, Fauci refuted former President Donald Trump during a White House press conference statement about the benefits of using HCQ on March 25th, 2020. At the time, Fauci acted as the chief medical advisor to President Trump. All of Fauci’s exposed emails showed that he was more in the loop than he let on concerning some of the Trump administration’s proposed treatment solutions. Finally Trump was proven right.

Cardiologist and professor of medicine, Peter McCullough testified in Texas earlier this year. He says 85% of COVID patients given a multi-drug treatment plan recover from the disease with complete immunity. The pandemic could have been over by now, if those who tested positive for COVID had been immediately treated before they fell ill enough to be hospitalized. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people could have been saved and still could be saved if these treatment protocols could be utilized and not suppressed by Fauci, the CDC, and the WHO.

The c19hcq.com website tracks all international studies on HCQ and its effects on the coronavirus. Now there is a new study called, “HCQ for COVID-19: real-time meta analysis of 245 studies,” and the results are SHOCKING! HCQ is not effective when used very late with high dosages over a long period (RECOVERY/SOLIDARITY); effectiveness improves with earlier usage and improved dosing, as early treatment consistently shows positive effects.

Since Fauci is the absolute authority in the U.S. (maybe even worldwide) on epidemiology and prophylactic and therapeutic solutions, his words were treated like the gospel truth by instinct. People believed everything would change every time Fauci opened his mouth, which turned him into a megalomaniac. The facts finally show quite astounding results; lies from Fauci cahoots, treatment solutions for COVID-19 patients have been sincerely ignored, downplayed, and limited from the very beginning. Doesn’t this mean that Fauci killed millions? Unfortunately we are now looking at mass murder on an unfathomable scale!

Photos and news source: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/06/greatest-mass-killer-21st-century-data-shows-fauci-conspired-lied-new-study-shows-hcq-plus-azt-improved-survival-covid-patients-nearly-200/

[2021-06-11 Fri 09:14]

The Truth Behind COVID-19 Vaccines——The Secret of Vaccine Ingredients | gnews | superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles

The Truth Behind COVID-19 Vaccines——The Secret of Vaccine Ingredients
中共病毒真相17 hours ago
Author: MyWay

Proofreader: Youri

Abstract: The FDA did not approve any mRNA vaccines prior to the pandemic due to safety issues. The main reason for the safety concerns was the serious side effects caused by the lipid nanoparticles (LNP) which used to transport mRNA between cells, but LNP is not described in the list of ingredients. In addition, are there no other unknown ingredients added to the vaccine? The public has a right to know the truth.

There is a strange phenomenon occurring during this vaccination campaign. In the past, when consumers went to grocery stores, they would carefully check the nutrition labels and determine whether there was any harm to their health in terms of sugar, fat, or calories. But when it comes to the topic of vaccination, which is vital to their health and livelihoods, they become selectively blind and idiotically naive. Do they trust the doctors who know nothing about the safety and effectiveness of this vaccine (since there is no valid data available due to no animal and clinical experiments conducted)? Or do they trust the pharmaceutical companies who are not liable for any deaths and injuries caused by the vaccine?

People should be aware that the FDA did not approve any mRNA vaccines prior to the pandemic due to safety issues. Why did the mRNA vaccines suddenly become safe to use ever since the virus outbreak?

The following is a detail list of ingredients inside the mRNA vaccine.

However, both lipid nanoparticles and SPIONs were included in the list of ingredients, the reason is still unknown to the public. But it is undeniable that a large number of deaths and injuries following vaccination is related to the ingredients of the vaccine, and the relationship between vaccine ingredients and side effects will be discussed in future chapters.

[1] Ministry of Health COVID-19 Vaccine Information Sheet
[2] mRNA vaccines manufacturing: Challenges and bottlenecks
[3] Intranasal delivery of plasmids expressing bovine herpesvirus 1 gB/gC/gD proteins by polyethyleneimine magnetic beads activates long-term immune responses in mice
[4] COVID-19 vaccine BNT162b1 elicits human antibody and TH1 T cell responses

[2021-06-11 Fri 09:20]

Publish At: Author:Leo Littlebook

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